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Surgical Care
-adequate fluids
-interactions with medications
-informed consent
-wound complications
-GI disturbances
What is Dehiscence
reopening of the incison
What is Evisceration
-body organs protrude thru open wounds
-leads to infection
What are some GI disturbances?
N/V, constipation, urinary retention, thrombophlebitis
Nursing Care for Surgery
-Airway: respiratory status, breath sounds
-check IV
-inspection of wound
-medication for pain
-safety measures: raise side rails and low bed position
-identify drainage
What is Sanguinous Drainage?
Bright red drainage
What is Serousanguinous Drainage?
Bright pink to red drainage
What is Serous Drainage?
Straw colored to clear
What protein does in the event of surgery?
Counter act blood loss, prevent tissue breakdown, ain in healing process
What energy will do in the event of surgery?
K calories, spare protein required for tissue building
What vitamins and minerals will do in the event of surgery?
for protein and energy metabolism, water balance to prevent dehydration
Vitamin K
-blood clotting
-antedote: coumadin
wound healing
What is Dumping Syndrome?
-due to gastric resection
-increased food intake dye to feeling better and the patient then develops abdominal cramping, cold sweats, N/V
What is Choleycistitis?
A gallbladder disease
What is Cholecystectomy?
Gallbladder removal by lap or open
What is cholelithiasis
gall stones