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absence of pathogens
procedures which render & maintain an object or area completely free of pathogens; surgical asepsis
aseptic technique
to introduce microorganisms to a sterile field
transmission of microorganisms from person to person or from object to person or vice versa
invasion of the body by disease-producing microorganisms & the reaction of the tissuesto their presence & their toxins
ways by which infecting organisms are transmitted to sterile objects
modes of contamination
presence of microorganisms
microorganisms capable of producing disease
bacteria which are normally present below the skin surface in sebaceous glands & hair follicles; usually harmless to their host but may be pathogenic to others
resident flora
free of all microorganisms
area around operative sight including furniture covered with sterile drapes & members of the surgical team properly attired
sterile field
transmission of microorganisms to a sterile field by moisture which has penetrated the sterile barrier.....wicking
strike-through contamination
an individual's inner awareness of asepticprinciples & adherence to aseptic technique in all situations; professional honesty
surgical conscience
organisms present on the epidermis which have been picked up through contact with other objects; easily removed by scrubbing
transient flora