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Dothard vs Rawlinson (77)
permissible to ban women from working in certain sections of prisons deemed especially dangerous
Grummet vs Rushen (84)
womens right to empowerment in all male institutions recognized as taking precednce over inmates rights to privacy
in re gault (67)
juveniles accused of crime for which institutional commitment was possible have the right of 1. fair notice of charges, 2. representation by counsel, 3. face accusers; + cross examine, 4. priviledge against self incrimination
in re winship (70)
standard of proof used in criminal court(beyond reasonable doubt) was applicable to juveniles in delinquency hearings
breed vs Jones (75)
person adjudicated delinquent cant be later put at risk in criminal court for the same act
roper vs simmons (05)
unconstitutional to sentence anyone to death for a crime they committe while younger then 18
furman vs georgia (72)
death penalty as administered constituted cruel and unsual punishment
gregg vs Georgia (76)
court upheld new capital punishment status that had more careful decision making and more modern methods of execution
McLesky vs Kemp (87)
court rejected challenge to georgias death penalty law on grounds of racial discrimination
atkins vs virginia
execution of the mentally retarded is unconstitutional
thompson vs oklahoma (88)
cannot execute someone who was under 16 at time of offense
stanford vs kentucky (89)
can execute someone who was 16 or 17 respectively at time of crime