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Engle v Vitale
struck down a ny state nondemoninational prayer started witht he words "almighty god, we acknowledge our depndence upon thee..."
abington school district v schempp
ruled that a Penn state law that allowed a Bible passage to be read at the start of the school day was unconstitional
Epperson v Arkansas
struck down Arkansas law forbidding the teaching fo the theory of evolution
Lemon v Kurtzman
(Lemon test) set criteria in determining whether the line of fovtal interference is crossed. struck down a law that provided govtal aid to private schools, has been used as a barometer to measure other legislative practices of the states
Lee v Weisman
school officials should not invite clergy to recite prayers at graduation ceremonies
Schenck v US
"clear and present danger" - limits freedom of speech during times of danger
Chaplinksy v New Hampshire
"fighting words"
NY Times v Sullivan
Tinker v Des Moines
students rights are "not shed at the schoolhouse gates"
black armbands
NY Times v US
known as pentagon papers
Mapp v Ohio
exclusionary rule
Griswold v Connecticut
struck down conn law that prhoibited use of contraceptives
Roe v Wade
abortion and the 4th amendment
Escobedo v Illinois
due process, right to a lawyer
Gideon v Wainright
accused has the right to an attorney
Miranda v Arizona
Miranda rights
Atkins v Virginia
mentally retarded individuals setenced to the death penalty cannot be executed because it violates 8th amendment
US v Lopez
Gun-Free School Zone Safety Act = unconstitutional
California Board of Regents v Bakke
no quotas
Baker v Carr
one man one vote
Muller v Oregon
inherent differences between men and women int he workplace