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What is “Supply Economy”?
Stopping haste, waste, and abuse of supplies, use only what is necessary
Who is responsible for Supply Economy?
All individuals who deal with Army supplies
What is a Report of Survey?
A document/investigation for recording the circumstances concerning the loss, damage, or destruction of Army property
If you lose or damage a piece of equipment and are required to pay for it, what is the action taken?
Statement of Charges
What are Expendable Supplies?
Supplies that are expended in one use i.e. (paint, paper, fuel, etc.)
What is the purpose of the Army Clothing Allowance?
To replace initial issue items that become unserviceable
How long must a soldier be in the Army to receive a clothing allowance
At least 6 months
When does a soldier receive clothing allowance?
On the anniversary month he/she entered the Army every year
What is a Gratuitous Issue?
Replacement of clothing items that are lost, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise rendered useless due to no fault of the individual and at no cost
When initiating a “Report of Survey”, what is the time constraint?
within 15 calendar days after the discovery of the discrepancy
What publication addresses the proper fit of Army uniforms and footwear?
TM 10-227 (Fitting of Army Uniforms and Footwear, 30 Dec 2000)
When you sign a hand receipt, what does your signature establish?
Direct responsibility of the equipment
Before signing a hand receipt what should you do?
Inspect the equipment for accountability and serviceability
How many classes of supplies are there?
What are some of the classes?
Class I= Rations
Class II= Clothing and Equipment

Class III= Fuels and Lubricants

Class IV= Fortification Material

Class V= Ammunition and explosives

Class VI= Personal Items
Class VII= Major End Items

Class VIII= Medical Supplies, Minimal Amounts

Class IX= Repair Parts
Class X= Miscellaneous Supplies
What is the form number for a permanent Hand-Receipt?
DA Form 2062
How many days does it take to initiate a report of survey?
5 days
Name four ways you can be relieved from accountability of property?
Report of Survey, Statement of Charges, Cash collection voucher, Turn-In
What is a DA Form 4697?
Report of Survey