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What part did John Brown play in starting the war?
He fought alongside blacks against slavery.
After his hanging, John Brown became a martyr for the cause, which group of people celebrated him the most?
White abolitionists
What characteristic of John Brown's life resembles the institution of slavery?
He beat his children with a whip, like a slaveholder beats a slave.
Who did John Brown worship?
He worshipped a merciless God and the Jesus of Matthew.
The essay analyzes a "cultural biography" of John Brown by David S. Reynolds. How does Reynolds perceive Brown as said in the essay?
Reynolds believed that Brown was an admirable person who saw the future as it should be. He didn't sympathize with slaves, he felt their pain as if it were his own.
What was the name of the anti-slavery radicals led by William Llyod Garrison and the American Anti-Slavery Society?
The Immediatists
John Brown was thought to be a madman by some, what theory was used to explain his insanity?
Brown's economic decline led to a religious dementia.
What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 do?
It organized the Kansas and Nebraska territories and repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820.
Who are the Pottawatomie Rifles?
They were a company of the free-stater Liberty Guards.
What did John Brown hope to achieve in the massacre at Pottowamie Creek?
He wanted to intimidate pro-slavery settlers into departing from Kansas in mass.
What did Brown think of the Constitution?
He believed it to be a pact made with he devil.
What fake name did Brown use when he lived on the Virginia Border?
Isaac Smith
Who are the Secret Six?
A group of six abolitionists who worked to raise money for John Brown's planned insurrection at Harper's Ferry.
Brown's attack on Harper's Ferry involved 21 soldiers, how many of them were black?
What did Brown intend to do when he raided Harper's Ferry?
He planned to arm the slaves and start slave rebellions on southern plantations.
What does the author say is John Brown's political importance?
He indirectly helped Lincoln get elected into office.