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What was the purpose of Lincoln's "ten percent plan"?
To entice rebellious states back into the Union.
What did the Wade-Davis Bill of 1864 do?
The Wade-Davis Bill required fifty percent of the population to swear an "ironclad" oath saying that they had never supported the Confederacy.
What were the "Black Codes"?
The Black Codes forced the freed people into unfavorable labor contacts, controlled the hours and terms of their work, restricted their freedom of movement, and imposed strict penalties for vagrancy.
What did the Reconstruction Act of 1867 do?
The Reconstruction Act of 1867 removed all former Confederate states, except Tennessee, from the Union and placed them under temporary military rule.
What happened to Republican Reconstruction in the long run?
Republican Reconstruction failed.
What are "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags"?
Carpetbaggers are Northerners who moved to the South during Reconstruction.
Scalawags are Southern whites who joined the Republican Party.
The White League and the Knights of the White Camelia are both examples of....
American white supremacist groups.
What did the federal government do to halt lawlessness in the South?
The federal government sent Federal troops to the South.
What di the Fourteenth Amendment do?
The 14th amendment gave Blacks national citizenship.
What was the Compromise of 1877?
The Republicans traded a promise to leave the south to its ownown devices for an electoral victory for their candidate, Rutherford B. Hayes.
What was the Freedman's Bureau?
The Freedman's Bureau was an agency of the Federal Government established in 1865 to help negotiate the reestablishment of Southern agriculture.
Rather than working for wages what did blacks decide to work for?
A share of the crop they raised.
Which state was the first to reclaim its seats in the United States Congress?
What events caused Gen. Grant to declare martial law over western Tennsessee?
Fort Donelson and Nashville fell to the Union in Feb. of 1862.
Who did Lincoln appoint as military government?
Andrew Johnson.
What was surprising about Andrew Johnson?
He had once been a democrat and slaveowner.