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What is the inscription on the Colt?
What is the translation of the Latin words on the Colt?
I will fear no evil.
On what date did both Mrs. Winchester and Jess die?
November 2nd (1983 and 2005)
Why did creator Eric Kripke choose to have the boys hail from Lawrence, Kansas?
Because of the city's proximity to Skull Cemetery.
In what episode did Dean, not Sam, finally read Latin and exorsize a demon?
2.08: "Crossroad Blues."
In what American city does Dean Winchester officially die?
St. Louis, Missouri.
What is the name of the creature in the beginning of "Faith"?
A rawhead.
As opposed to killing humans, how do Leonore and her vampire cult feed?
By drinking cow's blood.
How many people did the zombie kill in "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things?"
Two. Her boyfriend and Neil. She attempted to kill her former roommate, but Sam and Dean stopped her in time.
What two songs appeared in the opening credits for the last two Season 1 episodes "Salvation" and "Devil's Trap."
"Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas, and "Fight the Good Fight" by Triumph.
How does a spirit become a Woman in White?
Usually, a Woman in White was a woman wronged by her significant other in life, then killed her children and committed suicide.
Which episode includes the boys visiting an anthropology professor after finding decomposing skulls?
What is Jo's full name?
Joanna Beth Harvelle.