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What is your ideal study scenario Environmentally?
I learn best when working with the TV on, when the lights are dim and when it is very warm in the room. When I study I like to be working on a soft chair or the floor.
What is your ideal study scenario Socially?
I work best working with a partner or alone.
What is your ideal study scenario physically?
I learn best in the afternoon.
While eating food
And I study better by re writing notes, listening to myself read the notes and listening to someone tell me about it.
What are the different types of Mnemonics?
The types of Mnemonics are Acronyms. This is a combination of letters with each letter acting as a cue to an idea you need to remember (ex. ROY G BIV- this is used to remember the colours of the rainbow). Acrostics are a sentence where the first letter of each word is a cue to an idea you need to remember (ex. Never Enter Stinky Washrooms – this is used to remember North East South and West) Rhymes is when you create a saying or song that has similar sounds at the end of each line (ex. “The Bone Dance” is used to remember all of the bones in the human body.)
What is SCORER stand for?
S- Schedule your time C- Clue words O- Omit difficult questions R- Read Carefully E- Estimate your answer R-Review.
What does SMART stand for?
S- Specific M- Measurable A- Attainable R- Results oriented T- Time bond.
What does Contrast mean?
Contrast- to explain between two things that are different.
What are Mnemonics?
Mnemonic are created to help memory by organizing unrelated items into strange or novel relationships.
Name the 4 ways to improve your memory
1. Grouping: Organize information so that details are brought together under the main idea or category that connects them
2. Repeating: Repeat information that you want to learn. Be sure to say it in your own words. Even though you’ve already learned something, go over it one more time. If you say the information aloud, not only are you repeating it, you are also hearing it.
3. Key Words: Select or create words to represent the facts to be remembered.
4. Choosing to remember: The more you want to learn and know, the more you’ll be able to remember.
How do you use flash cards?
- Research at least 25-30 important pieces of information that you need to learn to learn for this unit. –Create by adding the information to the question and answer side of the flash card. – Study by reading the question, then saying the answer to see if you are correct flip the card over.
What is a Concept map?
A Concept map is a visual diagram that connects all of the ideas, themes, concepts, theories and the facts of a particular topic of subject.
What is a concept map used for?
A concept map is used for visual learners to see there notes in a visual organizer.
What is SCORER used for?
SCORER is a test taking strategy
What is S.M.A.R.T goals used for?
It is a goal setting strategy to make you accomplish your goal
What does Analyze mean?
Fine the main ideas and show how they are related and why.
What does compare mean?
The answer will emphasize the similarities.
What does Contrast mean?
The answer will emphasize the differences
What does outline mean?
Give a general summary. It should contain and a series of main ides supported by secondary ideas.
What does relate mean?
Show the connections between things, telling how one causes or is like another
What does interpret mean?
Your answer will make it clear that what was meant and will show the underlying meaning.
What does List mean?
The list will be in numerical list in concise form.
What does Summarize mean?
The answer will list the main points. It will be a brief and will not include examples.