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Meaning: who, which, that, whom

Use: subject, for persons and things, object of preposition, for persons

qui + verbe
C'est la fille a qui j'ai ecrit un email.
Que (qu')
Meaning: whom, which, that

Use: Direct object, for persons and things

que/qu' + subj. + v.
C'est le raison que j'ai mange votre chein.
Meaning: which

Use: object of preposition, principally for things

prep. + lequel

i.e. avec lequel
C'est le stylo avec lequel je prend mes notes
Meaning: of (from) whom, of (from) which, WHOSE

Use: for persons and things

dont + subj. + v. with de
C'est l'ordinateur dont j'ai besoin.
Ou (note, accent grave on the "u")
Meaning: where, in (on) which, WHEN

Use: expressions of place and time
Le jour ou je suis nee.
1)Ce qui
2)Ce que(ce qu')
3)Ce dont
4)Ce a quoi
Meanings; Use
1)what (that which); subject
2)what (that which); direct object
3)what (that of which); with expressions taking de
4)what (that to which); with expressions taking a
no...not writing out 4 sentences...not tonight....
Celui, Celle

+ qui, que, dont
The one who/that