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what payroll services can be chosen from quickbooks?
1. Quickbooks standard payroll - need to enter the payroll data ourselves and QB uses the data in the tax tables to calculate the payroll tax for you

2. Quickbooks enhanced payroll - similar to standard payroll but will handle both federal and states payroll tax while standard payroll only handle federal taxes

3. Complete payroll - help to do everything from entering data to calcuating the payroll taxes

To choose the payroll services:
choose employees ->
click add payroll services ->
order payroll services

p. 316
How to set up the payroll function into quickbooks?
After choosing payroll services to buy, then we need to set up the payroll in QB:

choose employees ->
choose payroll setup

There are 4 things to set up:
- compensation and benefits offered to employees
- employees information
-payroll taxes information

p. 318
What will be in the compensation and benefits section when setting up the payroll?
when click the compensation, it allows you to edit or add new items to your payroll item list and linked them to the payroll expenses account

p. 318
What will be in setting up the employees section when setting up the payroll
Before setting up the employees records, it can set up the employee defaults first which can save time in future:

choose employees ->
choose Related activities ->
choose employee defaults ->
in the employee default dialog, it is going to pay based on hours, then turn on the 'use time data to create paycheck' checkbox;

You can also set up taxes and sicktime/vacation defaults and those informaiton will be automatically filled in each employee record you going to set up later

p. 321
Why need to enter the payroll data starting from the beginning of year?
The payroll taxes based on the calendar year - between jan 1 and dec 31, regardless of what the fiscal year company use

p. 326
How to make the payroll check?
choose employees ->
choose 'pay employees' ->
to open 'select employees to pay' dialog box ->
in the dialog box, choose 'enter hours and tax amounts before creating paycheck option' if they are different each time and it will show the preview for editing the numbers each time; otherwise, choose 'creat paycheck without preview using hours' option ->
then click 'create' to finish

* employees in inactive status will not appear in the 'select employees to pay' dialog box

p. 327
How to correct the errors after making the paychecks?
go to the charts of account->
open the window for the payroll bank account ->
double click the paycheck transactions to open the paycheck dialog box ->
then change the paycheck number for correction ->
click save and close

p. 328
How to create new employee records?
Either choose employee -> payroll set up -> employee set up -> employee list

choose employees -> choose new employees

Then it can fill in a pieces of infomration for each employee:
1. contact info - including employee status whether active or inactive

2. hiring infomration
3. wages and compensation
3. insurance - deduction on wages
4. sicktime / vacation time
5. Direct deposit (separate flashcard)
6. federal tax
7. state tax
How to set up the direct deposit?
It is paid service offered from QB to allow company to directly transfer the salary to employees' bank account

To sign up for this service:
Choose help ->
add QB services ->
enter employee's account number

p. 325
How to print the payroll check and pay stubs (ie a report of employee's payroll data)?
choose file ->
choose print forms ->
click paycheck ->
in the 'select paycheck to print' dialog box,
- choose bank account
- type the number on the first check in the printer
- choose to show either the paycheck or only direct deposit or both
next, click okay ->
in the print check dialog box,it can choose the check style to use and enter the number of checks in the printer and click 'print'->
in the 'did check print okay' dialog box, if problem occur, enter the number for first check it did't print well and the computer will reprint that check and all the checks that followed

p. 329
How to set the preferences for the paycheck for payroll?
choose preferences ->
in the payroll printing preferences dialog box, can choose whether to include vacaction and sick time or social security number on the paycheck

p. 331