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Cell alignment
Choose format ->
choose cell ->
in alignment tab, it can change displaying the text to any degrees; or in horizontal or vertical format; or choose wrap text, merge cells or shrink to fit
Clear cell formatting
choose edit -> clear
it can choose to clear all the thing in the cell; or just clear the format, or contents or comments in the cell
Add the comments to the cell
choose insert -> comments
then type the comments ->
if want to hide the comments, then right click the cell and choose hide the comments
Find and replace
choose edit ->
choose find (ctrl F) or
replace (ctrl H)
Go to cells quickly
type'ctrl G'
choose edit ->
choose go to ->

in reference, type the cell you want to go to
choose special -> then choose specific types of cell to go to like formula cell
change the size of column and row
choose format ->
choose column or row width

or click the left top 'gray' empty cell (ie the empty cell right above the A1 cell); this allow you to change the size of all rows and columns
Freeze panes - to freeze the row and column headings
click cell 'B2'
choose window ->
choose freeze panes
Create custom automatic list
choose tool ->
choose options -> custom list
in the custom list, click import to create own list and then click okay; then Excel will memorize this list; each time when we type the first item in the list and drag the cell, the rest of items will be entered automatically
Fill in series
right click and drag a cell at the same time ->
choose series->
choose data type ->
or can choose the step value which means the difference in the series
Insert a chart
choose 'inser' ->
choose chart