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What is the most significant risk factor for successful suicide?
Serious prior suicide attempt
Within the past 3 months
What percentage of patients who try suicide try it again and how many succeed?
What are the top 5 risk factors for suicide?
History – serious prior attempt
Age – older adults
Substance abuse
History of rage and violent behavior
What are some other risk factors for suicide?
White, socially isolated, family history of suicide, jewish or protestant, psychotic symptoms, chronic illness, professional, economic recession or depression, low job satisfaction
What is the 8th leading cause of death in the US?
What is the 3rd leading cause of death in adolescents?
What group is most likely to commit suicide?
White men 65 yrs and older
Who attempts suicide more often, men or women?
Women 4x more often
Who successfully commits suicide more often, men or women?
Men 3x more often
What religious group has the highest suicide rates?
Protestants (highest)
Catholics/muslims much less
Is a married person more likely to commit suicide?
No they are less likely
What occupations are at significant risk for suicide?
Physicians, dentists
Police officers
Musicians and attorneys
Does genetics play a role in suicide risk?
What increases an alcoholics already high risk for suicide?
Recent loss of a significant other
How does family history affect suicide risk?
Death of a parent by suicide increases risk
Other factors that increase risk: Death of a parent before age 11
Divorce in adolescence
At what stage of depression is suicide risk higher?
During the initial stages of recovery
How long can you hospitalize a patient against their will if you suspect suicide?
1-2 days
Longer requires a court order
What are the indications for hospitalizing a suicidal patient?
Possession of or means for suicide
Presence of a plan for suicide
Acute intoxication
Expresses feeling out of control
Psychotic symptoms
Lack of social support
History of repeated suicide attempts
Patient is unreliable