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-able, -ible
capable of, worthy of, able to be, fit for, tending to, causing, given to, liable to

"friable" - easily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder, as in "Friable sandstone"
Latin "friabilis" - easily crumbled or broken
-ac, -ic, -iac
related to

"alkalic" - rocks which contain above average amounts of sodium and/or potassium
alkali is an Arabic word
having the quality, containing

"carbonaceous" - rich in carbon
that which [oracle]
-acy, -cy
state, quality, act [dormancy]
group [triad]
like, related to

"continental" - related to a continent
-an, ian
one who, related to

"Devonian" - geological era, from the English county of Devon, where the Old Red Sandstone formations of that age are prominent.
like, related [montane]
having the quality of [extraneous]
-arium, -ary
place where [terrarium]
-asm, -ism
state, quality, act [asterism]
to make, to act, to do

"evacuate" - to empty. From Latin "evacuatus"; used by Pliny in reference to the bowels
Several suffixes [-ate, -en, -ite, and -ize] all mean "to make or do." They turn the word they're added on to into a verb.
to kill [herbicide]
-cle, -cule
small [molecule]
to rule [democrat]
-em, -eme
something done [strategem]
-er, -yer
one who, that which, the "doer" or the "carrier"

"aquifer" - underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc
from Latin aqui- (water)
becoming or showing [phosphorescent, fluorescent]
state, quality, act [orogenesis]
bearing,causing [metalliferous]
condition [anorexia]
-ion, -tion
state, quality, act

"extrusion" - something that bulges out or is protuberant, projecting out from a form
Latin "extrusionem", from ex- "out" + trudere "to thrust, push"
one who [geologist]
-logy, -ology
discourse, study [astrogeology]
that which; an action, process, or act of a specified kind [inducement]
state, quality, that which
resembling [geoid]
view [panorama, diorama]
-osis, -sis
condition, act [hydrolysis]
state, quality, act [magnitude, latitude]
–cess, –cede
to go, to yield [recede, recess]
-ify, –efy)
to make [petrify]
"-ity" turns any word into a noun

"unconformity" - lack of parallelism between strata which are in contact
–ize, –ise
to make [fossilize]
Several suffixes [-ate, -en, -ite, and -ize] all mean "to make or do." They turn the word they're added on to into a verb.
full of, full of to an extreme [hydrous]
Several suffixes [-ate, -en, -ite, and -ize] all mean "to make or do." They turn the word they're added on to into a verb.
Several suffixes [-ate, -en, -ite, and -ize] all mean "to make or do." They turn the word they're added on to into a verb.
act, result of an act, or state or condition

"eruption" - pouring out fumes or lava, or a deposit formed in this way
-ence, -ance
quality or state; an action or process [impedence]
a shell near or within the earth

"Asthenosphere" - the shell within the earth tens of kilometers below the surface which is of undefined thickness. This is a zone of weakness where plastic movements take place to permit pressure adjustments.
turns a word into a noun

"detachment" - the process of releasing from an attachment or connection

"cleavage" - the act of cleaving or splitting; tendency of some crystalline materials to split along definite planes, creating smooth surfaces
turns a word into a noun
turns a mineral or rock description into a mineral name or a rock name
state of being

"dormant" - state of being quite or asleep.
From "dormir" - to sleep
turns a word into a noun

"ejecta" - matter ejected; material thrown out
turns a word into an adjective

"eruptive" volcano - a volcano currently erupting or tending to erupt
quality or property of being

"hardness" - the property of being rigid and resistant to pressure; not easily scratched; measured on Mohs scale
fairly recent or new

"Eocene" - second epoch of the Tertiary Period, coined in England in 1831, from Greek eos "dawn" (see eohippus) + kainos "new;"
pertaining to

"juvenile" - pertaining to youth - L. juvenilis "of or belonging to youth," from juvenis "young person," originally "young"
pertaining to, relating to

"juvenile" - relating to youth
pertaining to, relating to
petr-, petra-
rock, stone
little, tiny

"lapilli"- little stone
from Latin, diminutive of lapis, stone