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-able; -ible; -ble
able to; capable of being
-acious; -cious
having the quality of
of; the like
-ance; -ancy
the act; a state of being
-ant; -ent
one who
-ant; -ent
one who
-ar; -ary
connected with; concerning
the act, fact or quality of
-er; -or
one who does
full of; having qualities of
to make
-ic; -ac
of; like; pertaining to
the act or condition of
the philosophy, act, or condition of
one who does, makes, or is occupied with
-ity; -ty; -y
the state or character of
containing the nature of giving or leaning toward
without; lacking
without; lacking
a particulat kind of speaking or writing
a kind of speaking; a study of science
the act of; the state of
the quality of
having the nature of; a place or thing for
-ous, -ose
full of, having
the art or skill of; the state or quality of being
full of; like
the state or quality of
full of; somewhat; somewhat like