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bad (in principle referring to quality
domo house
domaĉo - hovel
continuous or repeated action
kanti - to sing
kantado - singing
something concrete, specific
alta - high
altaĵo - a height (highland, etc.)
Kristo- Christ
kristano - Christian
many taken as a whole
arbo - tree
arbaro - forest
forms familiar form of male names (after 2-5 letters of the name)
patro - father
paĉjo - Dad
can be done
legi - to read
legebla - legible
quality as an abstract idea
rapida - fast
rapideco - speed
very large; very strongly
varma - warm
varmega - hot
kuiri - cook
kuirejo - kitchen
inclination or tendency
dormi - to sleep
dormema - sleepy
must be done
legi - to read
legenda - must be read
fragment, one of many similar pieces
sablo - sand
sablero - grain of sand
person who guides, rules, presides
lernejo - school
lernejestro - principal/head teacher
very small; very weakly
varma - warm
varmeta - lukewarm
hundo - dog
hundido - puppy
cause something to be
labori - to work
laborigi - to put someone to work
ruĝa - red
ruĝiĝi - to blush
instrument, tool
tranĉi - to cut
tranĉilo - knife
indicates female sex
knabo - boy
knabino - girl
good to do, worthy of
legi - to read
leginda - worth reading
a holder into which something is inserted
glavo - sword
glavingo - scabbard
way of thought, belief system
kristano - Christian
kristanismo - Christianity
practitioner of a profession, continued hobby or way of thinking
labori - to work
laboristo - worker
forms familiar form of female names (after 2-5 letters of the name)
patrino - mother
panjo - Mom
multiplication; times
du - two
duoblo - double
du - two
duono - half
group of
du - two
duope - in a pair
mono - money
monujo - wallet, change purse
juna - young
junulo - a youth
indefinite relation
komuna - common
komunumo - community