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What are the 4 phases of Recovery?
1. Crisis/detox
2. Abstinence
3. Sobriety
4. Recovery
Why is detox not a cure?
Because there is a high relapse rate
What is detox useful as?
A preparatory intervention for further care.
What are the detox meds for Alcohol detoxification?
-Valproic acid
What are the detox meds for Opiates?
What are the detox meds for stimlants?
Sleep food and water (like after finals)
What are 3 medications given for Alcohol addiction?
What are 5 meds given for Opiate (heroine) addictions?
-LAAM (l-alpha-acetylmethadol)
What is an effective treatment medication for nicotine addiction?
Nicotine replacement, Chantix
What is Suboxone?
A new paradigm for remission that blocks cravings and removes addictions
Why are some people skeptical of the effectiveness of using Suboxone?
When the meds stop, the addiction returns.
Is it worth it to pay for long-term treatment for addicts? Why?
Yes - even the most expensive treatment is about 1/4 the cost of incarceration.
What is the 1:7 rule?
For every $1 invested in treatment there is an up to $7 reduction in crime-related costs.
Is addiction a problem with personal character?
No; it is a brain disease
Does addiction treatment have to be voluntary to be effective?