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most common nicotine withdrawal sx
increased appetite. insomnia, decreased metabolic rate. opposite as usual
sx of severe opiod overdose
coma, hypotension, bradycardia, apnea, pulmonary edema, seizures
severe overdose sx of amphetamines
coma, circulatory collapse, HTN crisis, seiuzres, hyperterhmia, arrhythmias, cerebral hemorrhages
key to PCP intox
vertical and horizontal nystagmus, muscle rigidity.
barbi overdose
everything down. hypotension, , hypothermia. pupils normal
widened QRS complex overdose
dilated pupils, tachy, HTN, altered perception
muscle rigidity, rhabdomyolysis, ataxia, nystagmus
PCP. use of restraints promotes rhabdo and myoglobinuria
treatment of PCP intox
benzo or Haldol if psychotic or severely agitated
percent HS seniors who drink, who binge drink
80, 40
dilated pupils
duration of positive urine test for THC
up to one month in chronic user. passive inhalent should be neg. 2-3 days positive if used casually.
duration of positive barbi urine screen
depends on which one. Phenobarb lasts long time. secobarb is 1 day
muscle weakness, dysarthria, nystagmus, hallucinations
inhalent use
toxicity of inhalents
encephalopathy, death is rare. asphyxia or arrhythmia
sweat, chills, agitation, tremulousness, seizures (withdrawal syndrome)
alcohol, benzos, barbis
percent of HS seniors who tried THC
red eyes, dry mouth, tachy, dilated pupils, sleepy
THC intox
chronic use of THC
pulmonary, , decreaseed fertility, gynecomastia
chewing tobacco, physiologic changes
tachydardia, increased BP.
meds for quiting smoking
bupropion 1week prior and 6 months. safe to use with nicotine replacement
inhalant overdose complications