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Me soprende que
It surprises me that
Siento que
I'm sorry that
Estoy contento that
I'm happy that
Estoy preocupado que
I'm worried that
Teme que
I fear that
Me alegro que
I'm happy that
Dudo que
I doubt that
No creo que
I don't believe that
No estoy cierto que
I'm not certain that
No puedo creer que
I cannot believe that
No estoy seguoque
I'm not secure that
No es posible que
It's not possible that
No es cierto que
It's not true that
Hasta que
Tan pronto que
As soon as
Le recomienda
He recommends that
Le dice
He's telling him (to do something)
Es importante
It's important
Te sugiero
I suggest to you
Es mejor que
It's better that
Le pido que
I ask that he
Te aconsejo
He advised to you
Necesito que
I need that