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c'est amusant
it's amusing
il est bon
it's good
c'est dommage
it's too bad/ it's a pity
il est douteux
it's doubtful
c'est essentiel
it's essential
il est e/tonnant
it's astonishing, it's amazing
c'est gentil
it's nice, kind
il est impe/ratif
it's imperative
il est important
it's important
c'est impossible
it's impossible
c'est improbable
it's improbable
il est indispensable
it's indispensable
c'est injuste
it's unfair
il est inte/ressant
it's interesting
c'est ironique
it's ironic
il est juste
it's fair
c'est naturel
it's natural
c'est ne/cessaire
it's necessary
il est normal
it's normal
c'est possible
it's possible
il est pre/fe/rable
it's preferable
c'est rare
it's rare
il est surprenant
it's surprising
c'est temps
it's time
il est urgent
it's urgent
c'est utile
it's useful
il convient
it's fitting (proper)
il faut
it is necessary
il se peut
it is possible
il semble
it seems
il suffit
it is enough
il vaut mieux
it is better