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What type of Dog does President Bush have?
I don't know
What is the equation to find the circumference of a circle?
diameter times pi
What is, what is todays date in spanish?
Qualas la fecha de hoy
What is Top Sail in spanish
(the name of la Hacienda in destinos)
La Gavia
What is: 2x plus 50y if x=2 and y equals 50?
Complete this sentence, July 4,_____
(the first july 4 celebration)
What is the adress of the Potomac website?
What is Raquel's full name?
Raquel Rodriguez
Complete these sentences,
Ramon, Carlos, y Juan ______ hijos de Don Fernando.
Raquel ___ la abogada de Don Fernando
Carry, Mary, y mi _______ amigas.
Write the missing words in oreder
son, es, somos