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why do we have hair?
The actual reason for the presence of hair, which actually covers every portion of our bodies, but is too fine to be seen in most parts, is mostly for warmth and protection from elements. Of course, human hair at this point in our evolution has become quite useless for these purposes, which is just fine, as we've been able to make clothing and such. Oh, wait... I'm supposed to give stupid answers, not factual ones. It's for fending off death rays. Beware the death rays.

What Holds the Moon Up?
The moon can't fall down because it is in orbit. An orbit is the interaction of a combination of forces - such as gravity, inertia, centrifugal force and others - that result in a perfect balance.
If a message from an extraterrestrial civilization were received, would radio astronomers inform the public about it?

There are procedures in place to inform the world if a message from an extraterrestrial civilization were to be received. Radio astronomers would first confirm the signal among themselves, and then inform the public. The sequence of events in the movie "Contact" is probably very similar to what would happen in the event of receipt of an actual message.

What's the first line of defense against insect stings?
Avoiding stings is the best strategy. The first step is to know which types of insects you're allergic to, whether they're bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, or others, such as fire ants. Allergy testing is the way to determine this conclusively. That's why we recommend allergy tests for anyone who's had a systemic reaction to an insect sting. A systemic reaction means anything other than a local reaction at the point of the sting, such as wheezing or dizziness.
What is teabagging?
Teabagging refers to a practice in which a male, wearing only speedos that accentuate the bulge between their legs, squat up and down above a female. Generally, this penonenom occurs only in male strip clubs and only by men who are well endowded. Of course, most guys in strip clubs have large bulges.
How does one get rid of blue balls?!?
Blue balls results from stored up blood from an erection that lasts too long. You want to make the erection go away before you get blue balls. Either ejaculate or look at some fat chick porn. Your erection will subside quickly thereafter. If you're dumb enough to already have blue balls, you have to finish the job, man. You have to ejaculate. From what I gather, it's painful. I wouldn't know since I can't sustain an erection for more than three minutes. But, word on the street is that it's painful. But it will help
What is a dodecagon?

A polygon with 12 sides.
What President promised a chicken in every pot?
Herbert Hoover
am aware of most of the side effects from prednisone, having been on it for nearly 10 years. I have finally reached a maintenance dose of 5 mg and trying desperately to wean myself off it. Could you please discuss the withdrawal symptoms? My legs ache so badly that I can hardly lift them. Could this be one of the symptoms?
Sure, as to the withdrawal, you need to ensure that your adrenal glands have become active again or you will experience symptoms of Adrenal Insufficiency (Addison's Disease). Have your doctor perform an ACTH stimulation to see if they're working. If not you need a regimen to get them back (usually every other day or every third day omission).