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To compete
Competir (e:i)
To conceive
Concedir (e:i)
To fire
Despedir (e:i)
To impede
Impedir (e:i)
To measure
Medir (e:i)
To ask for
Pedir (e:i)
To scold, To quarrel
Reñir (e:i)
To repeat
Repetir (e:i)
To serve
Servir (e:i)
To move an object, To motivate
Mover (o:ue)
To be able to
Poder (o:ue)
To test, To taste
Probar (o:ue)
To remember
Recordar (o:ue)
To resolve
Resolver (o:ue)
To beg, To pray
Rogar (o:ue)
To be in the habit of
Soler (o:ue)
To sound, To ring
To dream
Soñar (o:ue)
To toast
Tostar (o:ue)
To suggest
Sugerir (e:ie)
To tremble
Temblar (e:ie)
To spread over
Tender (e:ie)
To stumble on
Tropezar (e:ie)
To spill
Verter (e:ie)
To agree, To decide
Acordar (o:ue)
To put to bed
Acostar (o:ue)
To eat lunch
Almozar (o:ue)
To approve
Aprobar (o:ue)
To hang
Colgar (o:ue)
To count, To tell
Contar (o:ue)
To cost
Costar (o:ue)
To demonstrate, To prove
Demonstrar (o:ue)
To sleep
Dormir (o:ue)
To find
Encontrar (o:ue)
To wrap
Envoler (o:ue)
To force
Forzar (o:ue)
To bite
Morder (o:ue)
To die
Morir (o:ue)
To show
Mostrar (o:ue)
To injure
Herir (e:ie)
To boil
Hervir (e:ie)
To lie
Mentir (e:ie)
To have lunch
Merendar (e:ie)
To deny
Negar (e:ie)
To think
Pensar (e:ie)
To lose
Perder (e:ie)
To perfer
Preferir (e:ie)
To want
Querer (e:ie)
To water
Regar (e:ie)
To color, dye, stain
Teñir (e:i)
To dress
Vestir (e:i)
To manage to
Acertar (e:ie)
To alert
Advertir (e:ie)
To attend
Atender (e:ie)
To cross
Atravesar (e:ie)
To heat
Calentar (e:ie)
To close
Cerrar (e:ie)
To begin
Comenzar (e:ie)