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Objects that produce their own light are sources of what kind of produced light?
naturally produced light sources
Give 2 examples of naturally produced light.
Sun and stars
What kind of light sources are made and controlled by people?
artificially produced light sources
Give examples of artificially produced light.
Flashlight and electric light bulb
True or false. Light is a kind of energy.
Taking on extra energy causes atomes to become more:

a. active
b. not active
a. active
Some of the extra energy may be released as _________?
Which travels faster light or sound?
What can light travel through?
gases, liquids and some solids.
The bouncing back of light from a surface is called?
When a light is scattered in different directions, what type of surface is it reflected on?
rough surface
The bending of light when it travels through 2 different types of matter is called?
How can refraction happen?
Because the SPEED OF LIGHT is NOT THE SAME in all types of matter.
Can light bend if
A. It passes STRAIGHT through 2 different types of matter
B. It passes through 2 different types of matter are at an ANGLE?
Yes. It can bend (refract) when it passes between 2 different types of matter at an ANGLE.
When light travels through different matter at an ANGLE what happens to it?
it is bent or refracted
Light passes straight through which one?

A. different types of matter
B. same types of matter
A. different types of matter
Name some kinds of transparent matter.
windows, eyeglass lenses (glass and plastic)
What kid of matter lets light through but scatters it in many directions?
Translucent matter
Name some kinds of translucent matter.
lamp shade, frosted glass, waxed paper because you cannot see clearly through it.
What kind of matter blocks light?
Opaque matter
Can you see through opaque? Give some examples.
No. classroom wall, my body, floor
What is the difference between reflection and refraction?
Reflection is when light BOUNCES off matter.

Refraction is when light is BENT because the speed of light is not the same or it is at an angle