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How did the geograpy of Greece influence its growth?
Contributed to the growth as a group individual city-states.
What important Achievements were reconized from the Minoan civilization?
Cultural Achievements which is like art and architecture.
How did the Myceneans becomethe dominant civilization in The Aegean region in 1450 BC.
They conquered th minoans. The Minoans had a downafall.
How did the Greeks keep their history alive during the Dark Age?
Oral Tradition. Which is a legend passed over.
what are some of the achievements of the Age of Expansion?
Rise of city-states
Development of Democracy
Describe the 4 different forms if government?
1. Democracy-governmetn controlled by the people
2. Monarchy-government controlled by king or queens
3. Oligarchy-government controlled by a few who hold power over many
4. Tyranny-government controlled by one who has seized power by force.
How did democracy develop and work in Athens?
Only citizens could vote and there were 3 government institutions Athenian Democracy had ASSEMBLY COUNSEL AND LAW COURT. Also they had no President.
Define Sanctuary and its purposes.
It is a sacred place to honor god.
Why did some citizens not like the Democracy.
Because the rich people thoughtm too much power was given to the poor people.
Who payed for the government projects or public work?
The rich people donated.
What festivals was presented in honor of Dionysus and how often?
drama festival,twice a year.
How was the festival of Dionysus different from the festival to other gods?
The other festivals were religious festivals.
You need to be able to know the difference between Athenian and Sparta
government emphasized participation.
in governmentand personal freedom.
only boys were given a formal education.
training of girls was ignored.
government emphasized order,satbility and leadership by government officials.
both boys and girls were gives strong physical education but boys recieved more culture traning.
disipline in school was strict.
lifestyle was simple luxury goods forbidded
Why are epic poems such as

the Odyssey important sources of information about the Greek civlization
based on myths and legends of early Greece.
written language disappered during the Dark Age
How did tyrants help

bring democracy to Athens?
tyrants were leaders who took control of government by force and ruled single handley.
helped citizens realize what could be acomplish if people waited behind a leader.
How did the Athenians beat the Persians?
The Spartans helped by army.
uniting with the Athenians.
fighting with the Athenians at the battle at the theymophylae
Review Olympics notes
The Olympics were a religious festivals in honor of Zeus, the father of the Gods.
Activities of bussiness politics stopped by Olympics