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Who was Augustine?
A founder of Western Civilization: Dynamic tension between Athens & Jerusalem.
What is the purpose and basic structure of The City of God?
Books 1-10: Pagan gods cannot bring happiness
–1-5 in this life
6-10 in next life
Books 11-22: City of God in relation to City of Men (a chronology)
–11-14 origins,
15-18 development,
19-22 end (s) of two cities
What are the two cities?
City of God: humility and glorifies God
City of Man: glorifies man
How are the two cities related?
Both desire peace. Man seeks this but can only be found in God.
Why is the meaning of the resurrection a problem for Augustine?
God can’t take on the flesh, God is pure thought.
How does Augustine oppose philosophers on the problem of mediation?
God = happy, immortal
Man = wretched, mortal
Philosopher = happy, mortal
The philosopher needs a mediator as well.
How does Augustine oppose philosophers on the question of the soul’s liberation (“vertical and horizontal universality”)?
Philosopher = all vertical (intellectual salvation)
Christian = both-horizontal (heart and salvation for all)
vertical (intellect)
How does Augustine oppose philosophers on the question of the cycle of the soul and the significance of time?
Greeks said ups and downs, Christians want to go straight up. We have a purpose, to live in heaven…life goes on. Greeks thought death was the end of it.
What are the political implications of the doctrine of the Two Cities?
a)City of God- Religious leaders should rule (Pope)
b.) City of man- Secular dudes should rule (Emperor/King)
How have political relations among the secular and the sacred been worked out in medieval times?
State had most of the power, but the church had some power and used when needed
How have political relations among the secular and the sacred been worked out in modern times?
1. Church trumps state—Extreme form =Theocracy
2. State trumps church—Extreme form =Atheistic totalitarianism
How might the United States’ response to the theological-political problem be characterized? Is this a solution?
The US has a separation of Church and state. Not necessarily. Can a wall be built between the two that does not allow one to
dominate over the other?…Not likely
Modern humanism and the "vertical" and "horizontal"?
Modern humanism is a fragmented faith. We try to have a horizontal universality without and idea of the soul (love)[vertical).
Is it rational to be just for Augustine?
• It is rational to be just, but not in this life. The synthesis between the soul and the city doesn’t happen until the City of God
Is it rational to be just for Plato?
He would like to say it is rational to be just/virtuous, but it not possible (hence the elongated Republic)