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incidental vs intentional
not intended to be in product control by production monitoring

must meet 1 of 5 criteria; added in small quantities
FDA criteria for additive approval
1. performs useful function
2. does not decieve customer
3. does not reduce nutritve value
4. does more than a manufacturing improvement can
5. can be measured by a recognized analytical method
color dye vs color lake
easily dissovled in water, powder, granular, beverages, dry mixes, baked goods

water insoluble, more stable than dyes, good for foods w/fat/oil, low moisture, coated tabletes, cake/donut mixes, hard candy,chewing gum
sugar as a textural agent
control amount of water available as free, bound, and absorbed. Competition between sugar and other substances and their direct interaction with molecules like starch affect texture. starch gelatinization is delayed due to sugar. also act as texture tenderizers
water activity/texture of food products
free water-flow properties, lightly trapped, easily expressed, dispersing medium, removed by drying, support microbial growth

bound-no flow prop, integral part of food product (contributes to text..unable to freeze, not expressed), cannot be dispersed, doesn't support microbial growth
enzyme activity/enzyme substrate complex
factors effecting enzyme activity: temperature, pH, moisture

enzymes and substrates combine to form enzyme substrate complexes; under zero order reaction, ES complex is maintained at a constant
addition reactions
reaction of 2 or more substances to give a 3 substance

EX hydrogenation