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Nursing has a code of ethics that professional registered nurses follow and:
1. defines the principles by which nurses' provide care to their clients.
2. ensures identical care to all clients
3. protects the client form hare.
4. improves self-health care.
The founder of modern nursing is:
1. Dorthea Dix
2. Florence NIghtingale.
3. Clara Barton
4. Harriet Tubman
The founder of the American Red Cross is:
1. Florence Nightingale
2. Dorthea Dix
3. Clara Barton
4. Mary Mahoney
Evidence-based practice is defined as:
1. the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertixe and patient values.
2. scholarly inquiry of nursing and biomedical research literature
3. nursing care based on tradition
4. quality nursing care provided in an efficient and economically sound manner.
The Standards of Care described in the ANA Standards of Clinical Practice, 2nd edition, include:
1. the nursing process: assessment, diagnosis, outcome, and evaluation.
2. administration of medications, personal hygiene, and grooming
3. care of vulnerable populations
4. care of persons in financial crisis
Regardless of educational preparation, the examination for RN licensure is exactly the same in every state in the US, this:
1. provides a standardized minimum knowledge base for the client population nurses serve.
2. guarantees safe care for all clients
3. ensures identical care for all clients
4. ensures an honest caregiver
Contemporary nursing requires that the nurse possess knowledge and skills for a variety of professional roles and responsibilities. examples inclued:
1. autonomy and accountability
2. following physician orders
3. providing bedside care
4. increased emphasis on helath promotion and illness prevention
Advanced practice nurses genrally:
1. work in the university setting
2. function independently
3. work in acute care settings
4. funciton as unit directors
In North America the major professional nursing organization is (are):
1. The National Institute of Health and Critical Care Nurses
2. National League for Nursing and the American Nursing Association
3. National Council Licensure Examination
4. The American Medical Association
As long as nurses maintain involvement in health care policy & practice:
1. nurses will have significant increases in salaries.
2. outsiders will not impose their will on nursing and nursing practice
3. major health problems will subside
4. physicians will have more control over nursing & nursing functions