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Who did Henry VIII invite to be his personal secretary after dismissing Thomas Wolsey?
Stephen Gardiner
Why was Wolsey indicted by the Court of the King's Bench?
Violation of law of praeminure
Who replaced Wolsey as Lord Chancellor?
Sir Thomas More
What did the first session of the Reformation Parliament forbid?
What did the 44 articles introduced by the House of Commons state?
Charges that Wolsey had practiced his legatine illegally.
What was the policy that dominated the year 1530?
Appeal to the Universities
Who suggested that Henry VIII should appeal to the universities?
Thomas Cranmer
What was the purpose of the magnate's letter in 1530?
To plead with the Pope to grant annulment to Henry's marriage to Katherine.
What was Archbishop Warham's compromise between the church and Henry VIII?
The King should be "supreme head of the the church"--as far as the law of Christ allows.
Who emerged as Henry's principal advisor at the third Reformation Parliament session?
Thomas Cromwell
What resolution did Cranmer introduce?
Protest by the Houses of Parliament against independence of church courts from state control.
Who resigned as Lord Chancellor and became a prominent papal layman?
Sir Thomas More
What act did Parliament pass in 1532 that transferred traditional payments from the Pope to the English crown?
Who did Henry VIII nominate to replace Warham as Archbishop of Canterbury after he died?
What act did Parliament pass in 1533 with the purpose to wipe out papal authority in England?
Act in Restraint of Appeals
What was the name of Henry VIII's and Ann Boleyn's daughter?
What were the 4 acts passed by Parliament of 1534?
1. 2nd Act of Annates
2. Act of Dispensations
3. Act of Submission of Clergy
4. Act of Succession
According to the Act of Annates, what was the king granted on the death of a bishop/archbishop?
Conge d'elire (royal nomination)
What were the 3 acts passed by Parliament of 1535?
1. Act of Supremacy
2. Act of First Fruits and Tenths
3. New Treasons Act
Which act expected all ecclestiasticals to pay their 1st years income to the Crown?
Act of First Fruits and Tenths
Which act was the only one to face opposition?
New Treasons Act
Who was Henry VIIIs opponent that experienced visions?
Elizabeth Barton
Who were the two men who opposed the oath all had to take to state that Henry and Katherine's marriage was null and void?
Thomas More & John Fisher
Who accused the Church of sins of the flesh?
How many different titles did Caxton publish and how many were of a religious theme?
128; 59 religious
What were the purposes of the monastic houses?
Prayer, hospitality, education, charity
What did the monastics specialize in that was supplanted by the printing press?
Illuminated manuscripts
What was felt in Europe in the 1530s?
Impact of Americas due to gold/silver
What is erastianism?
doctrine of state supremacy in ecclestiastical affairs--state has the final decision
What was Henry VIIIs success due to?
Climate of opinion in England; constitutional manner in which broke from Rome; appeared to be backed by his country; and day-by-day operations of the Church were not significantly affected
Who was delegated to practice royal supremacy over the church in 1534?
Thomas Cromwell
Who sent people out to search the monasteries for any type of reason to shut down (and thus gain income)?
Thomas Cromwell
What act did the Parliament of 1536 pass?
Act to dissolve monasteries with less than 200 pounds per annum.
What was the greatest challenge that occured in 1536?
Pilgrimage of Grace--outbreak of 4 different rebellions.
Who was the last of the Yorkist opposition?
Reginald Pole (cousin of Henry VIII)
What did Pope Paul III make Pole in 1537?
Cardinal and Legate a Latere to England
What were the positives of dissolving the monasteries?
1. Government created 6 new bishoprics
2. New Cathedral Schools
3. Regius Professorships (law, theology, medicine, Hebrew, Greek) at Universities
What did Thomas Cromwell issue for the first time in 1536?
Injunctions--introduction of English into church services through the Lord's Prayer, Apostles Creed, and 10 Commandments
What happenned to Cromwell in 1539 & 1540?
1539: ordered for English translation of the Bible
1540: executed (printing of English Bible brought to an end in 1541)
Who wrote the book "Tudor Revolution in Government"?
Geoffrey Elton
Who did Henry VII consult after Wolsey fell from power?
Thomas Cromwell
What were the official offices Cromwell held starting in 1532?
Master of King's Jewels (1532)
Chancellor of Exchequer (1533)
King's Secretary/Secretary of State(1534)
Vice Regent & Vicar General of Church (1535)
What was the theme of the Tudors?
National Sovereignty
What was Cromwell's secret for extending the use of Parliament?
Make sure the Crown's point of view was significant.
How did Cromwell change the structure of Statute Laws?
Preamble and Body
What was abolished by Cromwell that resulted in the whole of the country being governed by a universal basis?
Counties could no longer have Bishops as spiritual superiors and temporal governors and could no longer hold secular courts as well as ecclestiastical courts. (Destruction of Liberties)
Where else did Cromwell have success in establishing English uniformity?
Which Act passed by Parliament in 1536 abolished former lordships of Wales and divided them into shires?
Act of Union
What did Parliament create Henry VIII in 1541?
King of Ireland
What did Parliament create ini 1543 with Henry as the head?
Church of Ireland
What did Catherine Parr bring in for the first time?
Henry's other children--this was the first semblance of a family for Henry VIII
What were the problems the country was facing?
Finances/inflation, international relations, the French were in Scotland and collaborating with them, and the question of succession to the Crown
Who did Henry VIII go to York to meet?
His nephew James V of Scotland
Why did James V not appear to meet Henry VIII?
He joined with France for war with England
After James V died in defeat, who did his Queen give birth to?
Mary, Queen of Scots (at 6 days old)
What was Henry VIIIs plan for a future alliance with Scotland?
Marry his son, Edward, to Mary, Queen of Scots
What was the Treaty of Greenwich?
Henry VIII released Scottish prisoners and persuaded them to agree to the marriage of Edward and Mary. (They agreed but when they returned to Scotland they refused)
What was the War of the Rough Wooling?
Invasions of Scotland by the English to try to enforce the marriage of Edward and Mary
Where was Mary Queen of Scots evacuated to?
France (so the Scots could avoid the marriage)
By Henry VIIIs death, how much crown land had been sold (to finance wars)?
What was the debasement of coinage?
Coins were made with more alloy than precious metal and that resulted in accelerating inflation because prices kept rising in order to maintain the same proportion of precious metal as they were used to
What was Henry VIII doing when he died?
Holding the hand of Archbishop Cranmer.
What were the last years of Henry VIIIs life devoted to?
Planning for the succession to the Crown (dtrs Mary and Elizabeth had been bastardized)
What did Parliament give permission give Henry VIII to do regarding succession?
Authority to determine succession to the crown following Edward.
What was Henry's plan for succession?
If Edward died without heirs, dtr Mary should receive Crown; if Mary died without heirs, dtr Elizabeth should receive Crown. (all died without heirs)
Who did Henry VIII ban for succession to the Crown?
The descendents of his older sister, Margaret. Succession should be passed instead to heirs of his younger sister, Mary Tudor.
Who were the nominees for Henry's council of 16 to act as Regency for Edward?
New Men who were known to be sympathisizers with the Protestants
Who seized control and wanted to be head protector of Edward?
His uncle, Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset