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What are the 4 under Secretaries of Defense
a)Policy, b)comptroller, c)Personnel & Readiness, d)acquisition Technology
Who appoints the CJCS
The President with advice & concent of the Senate
What is a Unified Command?
Composed of forced from two or more militaryd departments
What is a combined Command?
Consist of forces from more than one allied nation
Who and when was the Key West Agreement Established
The Secretary of Defense & JCS in 1948
What are the primary function of the AF?
Defeat enemy air & space forces and conduct space operation, Provide force for strategic air & missile warfare, Provide for their training according to joint doctrines, Interdiction of enemy land forces and communications, To operate air and space line of communication, Provide force for support and conduct of psychological operations, Provide equipment, forces, procedures and doctrine neccessary for effective electronic warfare operations
What are the field units?
1). MAJCOM, 2). FOAS, 3). DRUS
What is a MAJCOM?
The AF is organized on a functional basis in the US and a geographical basis overseas. Ex. ACC
What is a FOA?
A subdivision of the AF directly subordinate to a HQ AF functional manage. A FOA performs field activities beyond the scope of the MAJCOM. Two Ex. AFPC & AFOSI
What is a DRU?
Performs a mission that does not fit into any of the MAJCOM. Two ex. USAF Academy & Air Force Doctrine Center
What are the levels of Command?
NAF, Wing, Group, Squadron, and Flight
What is a NAF?
Level of command directly under MAJCOM. Not to exceed 99 manpower authorization
What is a Wing?
The Level below the NAF., personnel is 1000 - 5000.
a) Operational - Capable of self support
b) Air Base Wing - Maintains and operaters a base
c) Specialized Mission Wing - Dosen't have A/C or missiles assigned
What is a group?
A level below the Wing. Has two or more subordinate units. Usually, 500 - 2000 personnel.
What is a Squadron?
Basic unit in the AF. Total personnel is 50 - 750.