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is a state of balance or zero motion
is a simplified sketch of a structure or part of a structure solated from its supports which shows all active and reactive forces acting on the structure
Free Body Diagram
Are structural members that resist loads applied transverse to their longitudinal axis
two bracing systems that provide lateral stability for a pinned frame
Rigid Frame
and Shearwalls
Roof and floors are horiontal planes that must be supported against lateral movement. these horizontal planes are called
Lateral force-resisting walls are called
Loads uniformly distrobuted over and area of a roof or floor are assigned to individual members based on the concept of
Transverse shear force
is the manner in which loads travel throughout thhe structure
load path
involves the sysematic prcess of determining loads and support reactions of individual structural members as they in turn affect the loading of other structural elements
load tracing
is a tranverse section in a beam span where the bending momnet is zero
point of inflection
the sagging of a beam subjected to loads that create bending
the equations of static equilibrium for a rigid body that lies on a plane (x,y)
Sum Fy = 0
Sum Fx = 0
Sum M = 0
the internal force system, which exists within a beam to resist the applied forces and moments, consists of
The bending Moment, Shear, and Normal Force
equation that indicates that at any section in the beam the slope of the moment diagram is equal to the shear.
dm/dx = V