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conocerle el juego
to be on to someone
convidar a
to treat someone to something
dar gato por liebre
to cheat, decieve, put something over on someon
deshacerse por
to bust one's bun in order to do something, to bend over backwards
dischosos los ojos
how nice to see you
echarse un trago
to have oneself a drink
costar/valer un ojo de la cara
to cost an arm and a leg
en las barbas
in one's face
reirse en las barbas de uno
to laugh in one's face
estar bien conservado(a)
to be well-preserved
estar como un pez en el agua
to be in one's element
pez gordo
big shot, bigwig
estar de gala
to be all dressed up, dressed to kill
estar de parranda
to be out partying
party animal
estar tan claro como el agua
to be crystal clear
hablar a mil por hora
to talk non stop
hacer acto de presencia
to put on an appearence
hacersele agua la boca
to make one's mouth water
mas de cuatro
several people
meter la cuchara
to meddle, but in
para chuparse los dedos
puras mentiras
pure lies
complete, utter
quitarse los anos
to lie about one's age
ser buena onda
to be a good egg
ser un cera a la izquierda
said of someone who is a real zero
tener... abriles
to be... years old
tragarse el anzuelo
to swallow something hook, line, and sinker
va por cuenta de la casa
it's on the house