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A great love of country and a desire of self-rule by the people of a nation.
Payments from the govenment to help support workers.
The belief of people that their rulers were guided by their gods in decision-making. Usually a theocracy was governed by priests.
person who holds opinion contrary to that which is generally accepted
A powerful people invading Eqypt and Canaan during the time of Akhenaton who many historians believe were the Hebrews.
A journey by a large group of people to escape from a hostile environment such as when Moses led the Hebrew people out of Egypt
A black powder egyptian women used as eye makeup
Divine Right of Kings
The idea of ruling with the special approval of the country's god giving kings the right to do anything they want.
Code of Hammurabi
A set of about 300 laws by Hammurabi that brought order and unity to the Old Babylonian Kingdom.
a sum of money brought from a woman when she married to her husband
fortreses built on the tops of high cliffs for protection by the Mycenaeans
an individual Mycenaean fortress with a temple for the gods and a palace for the king within its walls.
It means a high protected place
Llano Man
primitive hunters who lived in the Great Staked Plains area of Texas.
Folsom point
an effective spearhead made by Llano Man
Clovis point
an effective spearhead made by Llano Man that made it easier to hunt larger game.
Danger Cave People
an ancient culture in the Great Basin Desert in the Southwest United States.
Poverty Point
The oldest North American civilization yet discovered in at Poverty Point in Louisiana.
Huaca Prieta
A village of several hundred people along the Pacific coast of Peru in South America.
newly conquered territories in the Fertile Crescent by Thutmose III of Egypt.
The Hebrew people led by Joshua and Moses who conquered Canaan
A system developed by the early settlers in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley area to control the water supply in order to grow food in more areas.
The name of the king of the minoans, the people of Crete.