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List 5 functions of the Epidermis.
1. Protects Inner organs from outer environment.
2. Excretion of toxins and fluids.
3. Stores Water, Vitamin D and Fat
4. Converts Sunlight to Vitamin D
5. Receptor for pressure, heat, cold and pain.
List the 3 layers of the Cutanious System.
1. Epidermis
2. Dermis
3. Sub-Qutanious
List the FOUR layers of the Epidermis from the surface to the base:
1. Stratum Cornium
2. Stratum Granulosum
3. Stratum Spinosum
4. Stratum Basalum
Which stratum of the Epidermis is only found in THICK skin?
Stratum Lucidum
What is the matrix of the Epidermis?
Stratified Squamous Keratinocytes
Which stratum of the Epidermus is where mitosis takes place?
Stratum Basalum
Which stratum of the Epidermis is where Keratinization begins?
Stratum Spinosum
Which stratum of the Epidermis is where the Keratinous cells lose their nuclueus?
Stratum Granulosum
What are the DEGREES of burns, and what layers of the cutanious system are involved?
1. 1st Degree Burn: Upper layers of the Epidermis
2. 2nd Degree Burn: Entire Epidermis
3. 3rd Degree Burn: Entire Epidermus, Dermis and possibly the SubQ
What is the function of the Langerhans Cell, and where are they formed?
1. Phagocytic Cells which ingest foreign materials.
2. Produced in the Bone Marrow