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why is architecture a good model for thinking about primitive art?
because function or utility is the primary purpose and decoration secondary.
what example does gombrich give which shows that we stll retain remnants of superstition regarding an image?
the reluctance that we would have to push a pin though the eyes of an image of someone important to us
where were famous ice age cave paintings discovered in two european counties and when
In the 19th century at Altamira-spain and Lascaux-france
lassoo old mira (osrin)
what is the most important test of primitive art?
does it work? ie. do magic for example
how is a xmas tree a good parrallell
its form is set by custom but its beauty is determined by individual skill of execution.
what does do ships in bottles illustrate?
that skill and difficulty of execution do not make art
why does primitive ""art"" aften look strange-eg totems and masks
because they communicate ideas that are lost to us and we cant understand-like a language that we cant understand
what would be a better designation of much primitive art than ""art"
a language that we dont understand