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the main character
The Cask of Amontillado
Edgar Allan Poe
The Gift of the Magi
O. Henry
The Necklace
Guy de Maupassant
The Scarlet Ibis
James Hurst
Angela's Ashes
Frank McCourt
static means?
does not change or learn through the course of the plot
changes in personality/learns a lesson as a result of a plot event
name 4 components of setting
1. locale
2. weather
3. time period
4. time
a simple, one-sided character who is merely present as a part of the plot
a complex well developed character who plays a part that enhances the plot
a character in conflict with the main character
name the 5 setting functions
1. character information
2. mood
3. background
4. conflict
5. character
First person
uses "I"
one of the characters in the story will be talking to us
a character in the story narrates
third person limited
the narrator will focus in on the thoughts and feeligs of one character
share intenstly in one characters reactions to everything that happens
third person omniscient
the narrator refers to all the characters as "he" or "she"
includes past, present, future
name irony
dramatic, verbal, situational
dramatic irony
when the reader knows something crucil that the characters do not
verbal irony
saying one thing, but meaning another to make a point
situational irony
a reversal of expectations when the opposite of what you expect occurs
a strange twist of events
theme is....
the central idea of the story
The Interlopers by ____
Thank You, M'am by ________ __________
Langston Hughes
Darkness at Moon by ________ _______
Harold Krents
Misspelling by __________ ___________
Charles Kuralt
The Giant Water Bug by_______ _______
Annie Dillard
Homeless by ____ ______
Anna Quindlen