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what activity is the inventory manager for 7H COG's?
what activity is the inventory manager for 7R COG's?
Quality Deficiency Report (SF-368)do what?
identify, correct, and prevent further discrepancies
Report of Discrepancies (SF-364)are what?
they are packing and shipping discrepancies
Survey (DD Form 200)are for what?
in case of a discrepancy is not resolved one must be done in certain cases
FILL is computed to satisfy what percent of the forcasted demands of the deployed fleet for what period of time?
85% for 90 days
DOD single line item release/ receipt document (DD Form 1348-1)is used for what?
used as a receipt document when material is shipped from other ships. It's used as a turn-in DOC when shipping repairables
What is a 1348-6 was for?
for requisitioning NON-NSN / part numbered items, NSN items and part number items
What is a DD Form 1149 used for?
for procurement of only that material which is excluded from MILSTRIP, and for excluded material which another procurement document is not specified
NAVSUP Form 1250-2 is used for what?
dual purpose document used by afloat activities to requisition NON-NSN/part numbered items from navy supply sources