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What are stereoisomers
isomers with the same order of atomic connections but different configurations
What are enantiomers?
non superimposable mirror images

(all the chiral centers are opposite)
What are diastereomers?
Stereoisomers that are not enantiomers... aka, not all of their chiral centers are opposite, but they have more than one
What are epimers?
A special kind of diastereomer that differs at only one chiral center
What are two ways to identify the anomeric carbon?
1) is it the singular carbon connected to the oxygen.

2) it is the carbon that is opposite the Carbon 6 (CH2OH)
How do you tell if it is alpha or beta?
The OH connected to the anomeric carbon will be down for alpha and up for beta.

**BE on the lookout, if the sugar is turned over, it will be opposite....the Carbon 6 is a ref point. Alpha-they are on opp sides of ring Beta- same sides of ring
monosaccharides are linked together by what type of bonds
How do you distinguish a reducing sugar?
Reducing sugars have an anomeric carbon that is not part of a glycosidic bond
What is the glycosidic bond structure of sucrose?
glucose a-1,b-2 fructose
what is the glycosidic bond structure of lactose?
galactose B-1,4 glucose
what is the glycosidic structure of amylose
alpha 1 4
what is the glyc structure of glycogen
a 1 4 linked glucoses with a 1 6 linked glucoses
Why is cellulose's function as fiber?
the body can not recognize it's beta bonds to break it down, therefore it passes right thru

cellulose is also good for linear structure, as it is linear
Amylose is compact/dense

good for storage
the body DOES recognize it's bonds and breaks it down
What are gluosaminoglycans?
polysaccharides containing sugarthat serve as structural roles in joints
Oligosaccharides play an important role as ______
cellular marks aka ABO blood groups