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True or False: Materialists believe that only mind and its ideas and thoughts are real and that matter is an unfounded illusion
False: materialists believe that only matter and its phsyical properties are real, while mind, thoughts, and the like are simply manifestations of matter. The materialist tries to explain mind as a by-product of matter.
True or False : One of Rene Descartes conclusions seems to be that those things we actually know most immediately, directly, and with the greatest assurance are not physical objects and facts as we might suppose at first, but our own thoughts and ideas.
True or False: To the idealist, all that we know for sure, are what we can feel and touch.
all that we can know for sure are our own thoughts and ideas. These ideas may correspond to some nonmental object, or they may not, but we cannot know for sure.
According to the idealist, a physical objects existence consists in their being...
Which idealist said the following, eese is percipi "to be is to be perceived." ?
Why do things continue to exist even when a person isn't perceiving them according to Berkeley
Because God is always there to keep and eye on things, so that the physical objects constantly exist because they are constantly being perceived by God.
Materialism is the metaphysical system supporting and supported by both
common sense and science
How did many philosophers of the modern period, such as Descartes, avoid both the problem of idealism in explaining matter and the problem of materialism in explaining mind by combining both in what is known as....
Who is the philosopher that noted, philosophical theories are differentiated not only by logical arguments and conclusions, they are also more distinguished by more subtle factors of temperament and lifestyle...
William James
Distinguish between primary and secondary qualities of objects
Primary qualities: those properties of objects, such as hardness, weight, and solidity, which really are in the object as they appear to us in perception

Secondary qualities: those properties of objects , such as colors tastes, and odors, which are not at all in the object as they appear to us in perception. These qualities only arise only in perception