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Noun [bohr]
Crude person, one lacking manners or taste

"That utter boor ruined my recital with his constant guffawing!" wailed the pianist.

Synonyms: clod; lout; vulgarian; yahoo

Verb [-buhr- juhn]
To grow and flourish

Faulkner neither confirmed nor denied stories about himself, allowing rumor to burgeon where it would.

Synonyms: Bloom; burgeon; flourish; prosper; thrive

Verb [-buhr- nihsh]
to polish

He burnished the silver coffee pot until it shone brightly.

Synonyms: buff; luster; polish ; scour

Noun [kuh -bahl-]
A seceret group seeking to overturn something

The boys on the street formed a cabal to keep girls out of their tree house.

Synonyms: camp; circle; clan; clique; coterie; in-group; mafia; mob; ring

Noun [kuh -kah- fuh nee]
harsh, jaring noise

The junior high orchestra created an almost unbearable cacophony as they tried to tune their instruments.

Synonyms: chaos; clamor; din; discord; disharmony; noise

Noun [-kaa- luhm nee]
a fake and malicious accusation; misrepresentation

The unscrupulous politician used calumny to bring down his opponent in the senatorial race.

Synonyms: defamation; libel; slander

Noun [kuh -nard-]
A lie

That tabloid's feature story about a goat giving birth to human child was clearly a canard.

Synonyms: falsehood; falsity; fib; misrepresentation; prevarication;tale; untruth

Adj [-kaan- did]
Impartial and honest in speech

The observations of a child can be charming since they are candid and unpretentious.

Synonyms: direct; forthright; frank; honest; open; sincere; straight; straightforward; undisguised

Adj [kuh -pree- shuhs] [kuh -prih- shuhs]
Changing one's mind quickly and often

Queen Elizabeth I was quite capricious; her courtiers could never be sure which one would catch her fancy.

Synonyms: arbitrary; chance; changeable; erractic; fickle; inconstant; mercurial; random; whimsical; willful

Noun [kahr -tahg- ruh fee]
Science or art of making maps

Gail's interest in cartography may stem from the extensive traveling she did as a child.

Synonyms: charting; surveying; topography

Verb [-kaa- stih gayt]
To punish or criticize harshly

Martina castigated her boyfriend for not remembering her birthday.

Synonyms: admonish; chastise; chide; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; reprove; scold; tax; upbraid

Noun [-kaa- tuh lihst]
Something that brings about a change in something else

The imposition of harsh taxes was the catalyst that finally brought on the revolution.

Synonyms: accelerator; impetus; stimulant

Adj [-kaa- thuh lihk] [-kaa- thlihk]
Universal; broad and comprehensive

Hot tea with honey is a catholic remedy for a sore throat.

Synonyms: extensive; general

Adj [-kah- stihk]
Biting in wit

Dorothy Parker gained her reputation for being caustic from her cutting, yet witty, insults.

Synonyms: acerbic; biting; mordant; trenchant

Noun [-kay- ahs]
Great disorder or confused situation

In most religious traditions, God created an ordered universe from chaos.

Synonyms; clutter; confusion; disarrangement; disarray; disorder; disorderliness; disorganization; jumble; mess; muddle; scramble; snarl; topsy-turviness; turmoil

Noun [-shoh- vuh nist]
Someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs

The attitude that men should earn more money than women is common among male chauvinist.

Synonym: biased; colored; one-sided; partial; partisan; prejudicial

Noun [shih -kayn- ree] [shi -kay- nuh ree]
Deception by means of craft or guile

Dishonest used-car salesmen often use chicanery to sell their beat-up old cars.

Synonyms: artifice; conniving; craftiness; deception; deviouness; misrepresentation

adj [-suhr- kuhm spehkt]
Cautious, aware of potential consequences

She was circumspect in her language and behavior when introduced to her fiancee's parents.

Synonyms: alert; cautious; heedful; mindful; prudent; solicitous; vigilant; wary

adj [-kloy- ing]
Sickly sweet; excessive

When Enid and Jay first started dating, their cloying affection toward one another annoyed most of their friends.

Synonyms: excessive; fulsome

Verb [koh uh -lehs-]
To grow together to form a single whole

The sun and planets eventually coalesced out of a vast cloud of gas and dust.

Synonyms: amalgamate; blend; condense; consolidate; fuse; unite

Noun [-kah- fuhr]
Strongbox; large chest for money

The bulletproof glass of the coffer is what keeps the crown jewels secure.

Synonyms: chest; exchequer; treasury; war chest

Adj [-koh- juhnt]
Convincing and well-reasoned

Swayed by the cogent argument of the defense, the jury had no choice but to acquit the defendant.

Synonyms: convincing; persuasive; solid; sound; telling; valid

Noun [kuh -loo- zhuhn]
Collaboration, complicity, conspiracy

It came to light that the police chief and the mafia had a collusion in running the numbers racket.

Synonyms: connivance; intrigue; machination

Verb [kuhn -dohn-]
To overlook, to pardon, to disregard

Some theorist believe that failing to prosecute minor crimes is the same as condoning an air of lawlessness.

Noun [kah nuh -suhr-]
A person with expert knowledge or discriminating taste

Dr. Crane was a connoisseur of fine food and wine, drinking and eating only the best.

Synonyms: authority; epicure; expert; gastronome; gourmet

Adj [kuhn -triet-]
Deeply sorrowful and repentant for a wrong

After three residents were mugged in the lobby while the watchman was away from his post, he felt very contrite.

Synonym: apologetic; regretful; remorseful

Adj [kahn tuh -may- shuhs]

The contumacious teenager ran away from home when her parents told her she was grounded.

Synonyms: factious; insubordinate; insurgent; mutinous; rebellious; seditious

Adj [kahn vuh -loo- tehd]
Intricate and complicated

Although many people bought the professor's book, few people could follow its convoluted ideas and theories.

Synonyms: Byzantine; complex; elaborate; intricate; knotty; labyrinthine; perplexing; tangled

Verb [kuh -rahb- uhr ayt]
To support with evidence

All the DA needed was fingerprints to corroborate the witness's testimony.

Synonyms: authenticate; back; buttress; confirm; substantiate; validate; verify

Verb [-kah- suht]
To pamper, to treat with great care

Marta just loves to cosset her first and only grandchild.

Synonyms: cater to; cuddle; dandle; fondle; love; pamper; pet; spoil