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Noun [uh -nahm- uh lee]
deviation from what is normal

Albino animals may display too great an anomaly in their coloring to attract normally colored mates.

Synonyms: aberration; abnormality; deviation; irregularity

Verb [aan -taa- guh niez]
to annoy or provoke to anger

The child discovered that he could antagonize the cat by pulling its tail.

Synonyms: clash; conflict; incite; irritate; oppose; pester; provoke; vex

noun [aan -tih- puh thee]
extreme dislike

The antipathy between fans of the rival soccer team made the game even more electrifying to watch.

Synonyms: animosity: animus; antagonism; aversion; enmity

Noun [-aa- pah thee]
Lack of interest or emotion

The apathy of voters is so great that fewer than half the people who are eligible to vote actually bother to do so.

Synonyms: disinterest; disregard; indifference; insensibility

adj [uh -pahk- ruh fuhl]
of questionable authority or authenticity

There is no hard or authoritative evidence to support the apocryphal tales that link the rosewell, New Mexico incident to a downed U.F.O.

Noun [uh -pahs- tayt]
one who renounces a religious faith

So that he could divorce his wife, the king scoffed at the church doctrines and declared himself an apostate.

Synonyms: defector; deserter; traitor

Noun [aa pruh -bay- shuhn]
Approval and praise

The approbation that the comedian Jerry Lewis recieved in France included a medal from the Ministry of Culture.

Synonyms: acclaim; adulation; applause; commendations; compliments

adj [-ahr- bih trayr ee]
determined by chance or impulse

When you lack the information to judge what to do next, you are forced to make an arbitrary decision.

Synonyms: changeable; erractic; indiscriminate; random; wayward

Verb [-ahr- bih trayt]
to judge a dispute between two opposing parties

Since the couple could not come to an agreement, a judge was forced to arbitrate their divorce proceedings.

Synonyms: adjudge; adjudicate; determine; intermediate; intervene; judge;moderate; referee; rule

Adj [ahr -kay- ihk]
ancient, old-fashioned

Her archaic Commodore computer could not run the latest software.

Synonyms: obsolete; outdated; vintage

Noun [-ahr- duhr]
Intense and passionate feeling

Bishop's ardor for landscape was evident when he passionately described the beauty of the scenic Hudson Valley.

Synonyms: devotion; enthusiasm; fervency; fervidity; fervidness; fervor; fire; passion;zeal; zealousness

Verb [-aa- ruh gayt]
to claim without justification; to claim for oneself without right

Gretchen watched in astonishment as her boss arrogated the credit for her brilliant work on the project.

Synonyms: appropriate; presume; take

adj [ahr -tih- kyuh luht]
able to speak clearly and expressively

She is extremely articulate when it comes to expressing her pro-labor views; as a result, unions are among her strongest supporters.

Synonyms: eloquent; expressive; fluent; lucid; silver-tongued; smooth-spoken

Verb [uh -sayl-]
To attack, assault

The forieng army will try to assail our bases, but they will not be sucessful in their attack.

Synonyms: beset; strike; storm

Verb [uh -swayi-] [uh -swayzh-] [uh -swahzh]
to make something unpleasant less severe

Like many people, philip used food to assuage his sense of loneliness

Synonyms: Allay; alleviate; apease; ease; lighten; mitigate; mollify;pacify

Verb [uh -tehn- yoo ayt]
to reduce in force or degree; to weaken

The bill of Rights attenuated the traditional power of goverment to change laws at will.

Synonyms: debilitate; devitalize; dilute; enervate; enfeeble; rarefy; sap; thin; undermine; undo;unnerve; water ; weaken

Adj [aw -day- shuhs]
fearless and daring

The audacious peasant dared to insult the knight's mother.

Synonyms: adventuresome; assertive; bold; brave; courageous; daring

Noun [-aw- gyuh ree] [-aw- guh ree]
Prophecy; prediction of events

Troy hoped the rainbow was an augury of good things to come.

Synonyms: auspices; harbinger; omen; portent;presage

adj [aw -guhst-]
dignified, grandiose

The august view of the Grand Teton summit took my breath away.

Synonyms: admirable; awesome; grand majestic

adj [aw -steer-]
Severe or stern in appearance; undecorated

The lack of decoration makes Zen temples seem austere to the untrained eye.

Synonyms: Bleak; dour; grim; hard; severe

Noun [-aak- see uhm]
Premise; postulate; self-evident truth

Halle lived her life based on the axioms her grandmother had passed on to her.

Synonyms: adage; apothegm; aphorism;maxim; rule

adj [buh -naal-] [-bay- nuhl]
Predictable; cliched,boring

His conversation consisted of banal phrases like'Have a nice day' or Another day , another dollar.'

Synonyms: bland; cliched; commonplace; tired; trite; vapid; worn-out

Noun[-behl- free]
bell tower; room in which a bell is hung

The town was shocked when a bag of money was found stashed in the old belfry of the church.

Synonyms: spire; steeple

Noun [-beh- vee]

As predicted, a bevy of teenagers surrounded the rock star's limousine.

Synonyms: band;bunch; gang;pack; troop

Verb[-bi- fuhr kayt][bi -fuhr- kayt]
Divide into parts

The large corporation just released a press statement announcing its plans to bifurcate.

Synonym: bisect

Verb [bihlk]
to cheat, defraud

When the greedy salesman realized that his customer spoke poor French, he bilked the tourist out of 20 euros.

Synonyms: beat; defraud; diddle;gyp; overeach

Verb [bliet]
to afflict; to destroy

The farmers feared that the night's frost would blight the potato crops entirely.

Synonyms: damage; plague

adj [blieth]
Joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought

Summer finally came, and the blithe students spent their days at the beach.

Synonyms: carefree; lighthearted; merry

Verb [-bohl- stuhr]
to support; to prop up

The presence of giant footprints bolstered the argument that Bigfoot was in the area.

Synonyms: brace; buttress; crutch; prop; stay; support; sustain; underpinning; uphold

adj [bahm -baast- ihk]
Pompous in speech and manner

Mussolini's speeches were mostly bombastic; his boasting and outrageous claims had no basis in fact.

Synonyms: bloated; declamatory; fustian; grandiloquent; grandiose; high-flown; magniloquent; orotund; pretentious; rhetorical; self-important