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what is the gold standard for the diagnosis of GERD?
There isn't one... mucosa sensitivity to acid, ph proble, histo, and clinical sx. The problem is that there isn't even a really good correlation with these sx.
What can help evaluate the basal zone for reflux esophagitis?
PAS stain.
What can the cardiac mucosa look like with GERD?
It can look inflammed.
How many lymphocytes are too many in GERD?
Usually more than 20 would be considered too many in GERD.
What should you think when you see mucosal ulceration and erosion?
Think about infectious etiology... although this can also be at the extreme end of GERD.Can order a PAS or GMB for fungal organisms.
What can candida esophagitis lead to?
This can lead you to strictures and intramural pseudodiverticulosis.
you can also have supervinfections.
Who gets HSV... what should you look for? What does it look like?
healthy people can get it, but also think immunosuprressed

Ground glass nuclei with inclusions (eosinophilic, cowdry A)
Other than HSV, what else should you think of when you think viral esophagitis?
Think CMV... you get course intracytolasmic granules, with prominent intranulcear eosinophliic inclusion.... somteimes the inclusions aren't as distinctive..
look for macrophages around the vascular space.