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two vowels together
When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!

boat road team
vowel rules:

silent "e" at the end of a word.
A vowel followed by a consonant and a silent e is long; code the vowel with a macron and cross out the silent e. name hope
The silent "e" is bossy, because it makes the vowel say its own name.
taking two words and making a "shortened" word.
i.e. should not = shouldn't
vowel rules
An open, accented vowel is long; code it with a macron.

no me I go
/j/ sound in the initial position

jam joke giant
To spell the /j/ sound in the initial position:
-Use the letter j before the letters a, o, or u.
-Use the letter g before the letters e, i, or y.
vowel rules-
short vowels
A vowel followed by a consonant is short; code it with a breve. i.e.

log cat sit
tch or ch

match pooch bench
To spell the /ch/ sound in the final position:
-Use the letters tch after a short vowel.
-Use the letters ch after anything else.