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Histologic presentation of ARDS?
(1) Type I pneumocyte and EC damage
(2) Type II hyperplasia
(3) Hyaline membrane lining alveoli
Pathology causing increases permeability in ARDS?
Neutrophils cause damage to EC and type I pneumocytes
Oxygen therapy in infants can cause...
Retinopathy of prematurity and bronchopulmonary dysplasia
What is bronchiectasis?
Dilated bronchii due to repeated infections
Cause of emphysema?
Imbalance between proteases (elastase) and anti-proteases (alpha1antitrypsin)
List two types of emphysema?
Panacinar and Centrilobular
What causes panacinar emphysema? Where is it frequently seen?
Decreased alpha1-antitrypsin. (defect in PiZZ allel). Mostly effects lower lobe. Mostly associated with liver disease.