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What is a Nebula?
A cloud of dust and gas in space.
What is a protostar?
A nebula which has started to glow.
What is the adult form of a star?
The Main Sequence Stage
How does a Main Sequence star produce energy?
Thermonuclear Fusion of Hydrogen
Which stars are hotter, blue or red?
What type of star is our sun?
Yellow Main Sequence Star
Approximately how long will a main sequence star like our sun "burn" hydrogen before it runs out of fuel?
10 billion years
Which color of stars are the hottest?
Which color of stars are the coolest?
What is the surface temperature of a blue/white star?
What is a supernova?
A large explosion that destroys a star at the end of its life.
What is a white dwarf?
A small, dense,
earth sized star.
How much would one teaspoon of white dwarf weigh?
one ton
What is a neutron star?
A small star star, one or two miles in diamter.
What types of stars experience a supernova?
Stars at least twice as big as our sun.
Why is a black dwarf black?
It is cold
What type of star has the strongest gravity?
black hole
What type of star has the second strongest gravity?
neutron star
Who is the weirdest kid ever?
You choose
What's another name for a neutron star?