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Status Codes

NAVSUP P-485 Appendix not 1 and not 3
Item on original requisition containing this document number has been back ordered.
Long delay is anticipated and estimated shipping date is in cc 70-73.

Substitute NSN Provided cancel if original is still required.
Depot/Storage activity has a record of the MRO but no supporting record of the action
taken (depot/Storage activity response to ICP request for MRO status, for use with
DOC ID AE6 only).
No record of your document for which your DI AF_ follow-up or cancellation request
was submitted. Also used by a supply source to indicate no record of a GFM
requisition for which a DI AX2 transaction has been received.
One or more of the below listed fields have been changed. Examine quantity and unit
price as a result of the changes. Revise appropriate records accordingly. Additional
status will be provided by the supply source to indicate further action on this requisition.
Stock Number (as the result of a formal catalog change).
Unit of Issue as a result of a formal catalog change.
Requisitioned part number has been identified to or replaced by the part number
reflected in the stock number field.
Service coordinated/approved substitute/interchangeable item, identified in stock
number field will be supplied. Examine unit of issue, quantity, and unit price fields for
possible changes. Revise appropriate records accordingly. Additional status will be
Quantity changed to conform to unit pack or because of allowable direct delivery
contract variance. Adjust the due in records accordingly. Unit of issue is not changed.
Requisition data elements have been modified as requested. Examine data fields in
this status document for current requisition data. Also used by DAASC on AE9 to
advise that the requisition contained (1) an invalid/expired OSD/CJCS Category D
project code – project code has been blanked out and the requisition forwarded for
processing, or (2) an unauthorized requisition priority – the priority has been
downgraded and the requisition forwarded for processing.
Notice of availability was forwarded to the country representative or freight forwarder on
date entered in cc 70-73.
Requisition being processed as a free issue. Signal and fund code fields corrected as
noted. Adjust local fund obligation records.
Requisition has been deferred per customer instructions. The ESD is shown in cc 70-
Canceled. Requisitioning activity authorized cancellation in response to material
obligation validation request furnished by processing point.
Canceled. Requisitioning activity failed to respond to material obligation validation
request from processing point.
Requisition has been received and will be processed for attempted release and
shipment from stock to meet your RDD. Further status will be provided based on
asset availability at the time of release processing (applies to subsistence only).
Item being supplied against your Foreign Military Sales Case Designator reflected in cc
48-50; or your Grant Aid Program and Record Control Number reflected in cc 46-50.
This document represents a duplicate of the requisition prepared by the U.S. Military
Your FMS/Grant Aid requisition containing this document number has been received by
the ILCO and submitted to the supply system. A current ESD is not presently available
but will be provided by subsequent status transactions.
Depot/storage has previously denied the Material Release Order (MRO) by DI A6_
(depot/storage activity response to ICP request for MRO status, for use with DI AE6
Assets not currently available. Requisition will be retained by DRMS for 60 days from
date of receipt awaiting possible arrival of assets (DRMS use only)
Status of supply or procurement action precludes requested modification
The RDD contained in the original requisition is unrealistic. Date in cc 70-73 is the date
when material will be available.
Canceled. Result of cancellation request received from requisitioner, consignee,
manager, or other authorized activity. Do not deobligate funds. Billing for material or
contract termination charges will be made.
The activity identified by the code in cc 4-6 is in receipt of your follow-up request.
Action to determine current status and/or improve the ESD is being attempted. Further
status will be furnished.
The material applicable to the requisition requested for cancellation has been diverted
to an alternate consignee.
Unit Price change. The latest unit price for the item identified by the stock or part
number indicated in cc 8-22 is reflected in cc 74-80.
Quantity requested for cancellation or diversion was not accomplished.
The activity identified in cc 4-6 is in receipt of your cancellation request. Action to
cancel the demand or to divert the applicable shipment is being attempted. Do not
deobligate funds or delete due-in. Advice of final action will be furnished in subsequent
status transactions.
(1) Initial provision of this status will be by narrative message. The message will also
state the reasons for rejection.
Rejected. Initial requisition requested rejection of that quantity not available for
immediate release or not available by the SDD or RDD (or by the RDP for conventional
ammunition). Quantity field indicates quantity not filled. Also used by a reporting
activity to advise the ICP/IMM that a DI A4_ with distribution code 2 cannot be filled from
reported material.
Nonconsumable item. Your service is not a registered user. Submit your requisition to
your service ICP for registration action.
Rejected. Unable to process because of errors in the quantity, date and/or serial
number fields.
(1) If received in response to a requisition and the material is still required, submit a
new requisition (use new requisition number and current julian date) with correct data
field entries.
(2) If received in response to a cancellation request and material is not required,
submit a new cancellation request with a valid quantity entry.