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How long a star lives and what it becomes at the end of its life depends on its?
Which of the following have the highest density? The least?
a. Black Hole - highest

b. Red Giant - least
What has higher density: Neutron Star or Dwarf Star?
Neutron Star
Put in order from least to greatest density: black hole, neutron star, red giant, dwarf star.
1.) Red Giant 2.)Dwarf Star 3.)Neutron Star 4.) Black Hole
What is the temperature of a red star?
cool (3000 C)
What is the temperature of a blue star?
hot (10,000 C)
What is the temperature of a yellow star?
warm (6,000 C)
True or false? The higher the temperature the brighter a star.
What color has the highest temperature?
Does a star with greater mass live a shorter or longer life? Why?
Shorter, it burns hotter and faster
This object is so dense that its gravity will not allow anyting to escape.
Black Hole
True or false? Our sun is in the middle of our galaxy(Milky Way)
False, The sun is at the center of our solar system.
What shape is the Milky Way Galaxy? Spiral or circular?