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Il Gesu Rome
Arch = Giacomo della Porta. Stories overlap; layers; process of entry; takes pattern of Sta. Maria Novella, updates, gives it 3D
Sta Maria Novella...
St. Peter's Rome
arch = Carlo Maderno. 4 reasons to add nave: 1) pagan assoc. of the centr. plan; 2) nothing of old nave should be left uncovered; 3) need for benedictional loggia; 4) emph. on processions; facade = too low and lumpy; orig. 2 tower design - couldnt cuz of foundation; cupolus provided lighted aisles
Nave; cupolus; facade; towers?
Coronaro Chapel
arch = Bernini. Burial chapel; "curve-countercurve" (oval shape). Hidden light src. window above altar. skel's in marble floor. it. baroque rel. of arch/sculp/painting
Vaux le Vicomte
arch = le vau; artist = le brun; landscape arch = le notre; marked end of 1st phase of Fr. Baroque arch.; house -process of entry; proj. pavil's; 2 facades; garden; suite style - landscape - wing and pavillion; grande vista; - library - painting/sculpture/arch.
Wings...1st collaboration...process....Vista...
East Facade Louvre
arch = le vau, artist = le brun; perrault = early plans rej. by Bernini. Tech aspects more innovative than aesth. Metal reinf. where structurally adventagous. Imperial in design.
Rebuilding by Le Vau; Finished by Mansart: Entry/Exit as process (alless/axes); Grand vista; chapel - last in long line of 2 story chapels; Ceremonial aspects are CRITICAL: stage setting for ceremony of state = king: architecture in support of the monarchy. Painting to glorify image of son god for Louis XIV: Colbert becomes fin. min. and estab. french acad. system.
started off with _____ and finsihed by _____....ceremonial...process...grande..
Vierzehnheiligen Facade
arch = balthasar neuman. johann feuchtmayer (stucco work); mult. focal pts. Oval forms imply movement/tension. Ornament eats away at hte clear distinction b/n parts and the clear def. of arch orders. Pilgramage church. Rococo ornament.
Mult. focal pts..ovals...pilgramage...Rococo
Saint Pauls Cathedral
Christopher Wren. Plans constantly changing. Fasc. w/ cent. plan. Clergy wants longitudinal plan; Triple dome - ext. dome = f.p.; middle dome = spts. lantern; inner dome = rel. to vaults - parapet masks buttressing - greek cross
Strawberry Hill
Horace Walpole. Medieval Historicism. Picturesque/ Goth. Rococo. GR = decorate surf. Pict. = stim. imag. "studied irreg" Superficial adoption of Goth. motifs. Connected to idea of Grand Tour.
The Gothic Novel. Superficial...2 systems...GR Pict.
Stourhead Gardens
Henry Hoare. Contro. over question of picturesque; beautiful; sublime; grand tour; remembered monuments
gardens...sensations in viewer...nature
Osterly Park - Etruscan Room
Robert Adams - part. in grand tour. C.H. & Class. Rococo. Details surf of walls. Total environments. Planning furniture. Variety of sources: Ruins @ Pompei & Herculaneum
Pantheon (Ste. Genevieve)
Jacques Germain Soufflot. "Purified" vers of Class. arch. Rationalized. Combine Goth/Greek - Huge windows; INTERIOR space; thin columns - Medieval Plan - Romanesque. Cautious att. toward use of new mat'ls materials?? "purified"
Royal Brighton Pavilion
John Nash. For Prince of Wales. Exotic. Oriental. Tied up w/ exp of empire. New Materials used. Fnc = villa suburbana for extended stays. Metal used and disguised
Exotic...ext. stays...metal...empire
House of Parliament
Sir. Charles Barry & AWN Pugin. Gothic hisoticism/Picturesque. Use towers as cooling, ventilation devices. Some tower functional; Pugin thinks gothic only true "christian style" correct for england
British Museum and reading room
Sir Roberts & Sydney Smirke. New category for pub use: pub. museum/library. Classical. New mat'ls - cast iron/glass. Sydney did the library. Dome on reading room.
Brothers...C.H. New mat' category for public
City of Paris
Haussmann. 1st total concept. Pub/civic monuments as F.P.'s. Ferroconcrete used in sewers. Ht. restrictions imposed. Built on existing factors (grand axe/croisse/grand vista/blvds). Made paris a mdn city. Improved transportation - streets/nodes/Central Mkts...rec areas...fixed water/sewage
Ferroconcrete, markets, roads, concept, existing factors, focal points...monuments?
Paris Opera
Charles Garnier. "Palace of culture" 3 theatres - pub/stage/set stage - 3 entrances - foot traff./carriage w/ ladies/emperor...ideas to see and be seen; grand galley - stairs (one for women/one for men) - no iron; masonery; concerned w/ appearance not structure
palace of culture...3 entries...ideas...stairs...appearance/structure?
Notre-Dame de Paris and VLD
VLD. Restored ND. Most impressive as a theorist/restorer than architect. Prolific writer. "Form and structure function one and the same thing" Bridge to 19th century
Form and structure...writer...restorer...
Crystal Palace
Joseph Paxton. Mass prod. of parts (9 months to bld). Easy assemb. Cast/wrought iron and glass. Built for worlds fair of 1851
World Fair. Mass production. Quick/easy assembly. New mat'ls.
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel. 1889 World Fair. Mass prod. 1st use of pass. elevators. Tallest iron struct. 21 months. MORRIS KOECHLIN = act. designer. Eiffel builder. 5 mo's to build foundation. Wind = greast prob.
Wind...builder...designer?...mass prod. 21 mo's...elevators