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Zambia Terranova Estate
Black apron exclusive.

Very complex flavor, subtle notes of black tea, soft cocoa finish

Pair with sweet fruits, such as peaches & plums, or chocolate to accentuate the cocoa finish
Black Apron Exclusives
Premium line of rare and exotic coffees that are offered in limited quantities
Harmonious mix of flavor, acidity and body.

No one characteristic dominates the cup.
The tangy flavor percieved at the front of your mouth
Leaves little aftertaste

Typical of Latin American coffees
An array of flavors, rather than one dominate taste
Fair Trade Certified
Coffees produced by democratically run cooperatives of small-scale, family-owned coffee farms
A singular, potent attribute

Earthiness of Sumatra
Smokiness of French Roast
Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers
Robusta vs. Arabica
Arabica - grown at higher altitudes, more refined flavor, lower caffeine content
Semi-washed method
Sulawesi & Sumatra

Ripe cherries are picked and laid out in the sun to partially dry for a few days, then they are seperated from the fruit by using water, the coffee beans are dried by the sun

Earthy and herbal flavors
Washed (wet) method
Coffee cherries are washed and sorted in running water and seperated from the fruit by a machine, then places in fermentation tanks for 12-48 hours, then they are washed again and then dried by the sun

Enhances the brightness or acidity