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What was the name of the famous podrace portrayed in Episode 1?
The Boonta Eve Classic
Which city was the podrace in Episode 1 held in, and on what planet?
It was held in Mos Espa located on the planet of Tatooine.
How many podracers were enlisted in this race?
A total of 18 podracers.
Which racer never made it past the starting line due to podracer troubles?
Ben Quadrinaros never made it past the starting line, because Ark "Bumpy" Roose sabatoged his podracer thinking that it was Anakin's.
Which racer entered the podrace in order to kill Aldar Beedo for the death of his father?
Kam Nale's (alias: Elan Mak)goal was to kill Aldar Beedo during the race, after the Glymphid had killed his father, Borzu Nale.
What was the name of the Vulptereen competitor in the podrace?
Dud Bolt was the Vulptereen from Vulpter.
Which podracer made 1st place, and what species was he?
It was the human, Anakin Skywalker of course.
Who operated the "Farwan & Glott FG 8T8 Twin-Block 2 Special" podracer, and what made it different from the other podracers?
It was piloted by Neva Kee, and was the only podracer to have its pod directly attached to the front of two massive engines.
Which podracer hailed from Hok, and what species was he?
It was Mawhonic, the Gran who's podracer was destroyed by Sebulba on the first lap.
Gasgano was without a doubt a favorite among the fans. What species was he, and what was the name of his podracer?
Gasgano was a Xexto from Troiken and he piloted his custom-build Ord Pedrovia.
Which podracer died while navigating through Laguna Cave?
It was Ratts Tyerell who was unable to navigate because of his bulky "Titan 1250 Scatalpen"
This Devlikk was a podracer during the time of the Invasion of Naboo. He piloted the "Elsinore-Cordova TurboDyne 99-U." What was his name, and where was his homeworld?
This was Wan Sandage of course, who was from the planet Ord Radama in the outer rim territories.
This podracer was hired by Diva Funquita to sabatoge Anakin's podracer. There is also a course on Aquilaris named after him "Bumpy's Breakers."
This was Ark "Bumpy" Roose, who was a Nuknog from Sump. Not knowing which was Anakin's podracer, he accidentally sabatoged Ben Quadrinaros'
This Glymphid from Ploo II was a mercenary who killed a famous Fluggarian crime lord and entered the podrace on a mercenary mission to kill Sebulba.
This was Aldar Beedo, the only Glymphid who was attending the podraces.
Gardulla the Hutt bet on this podracer, however he only was able to make 2nd place. What was his name?
Gasgano, the Xexto, who easily ranking among the most famous podracer pilots in the galaxy.
This part of the race track was located just south of Beggar's Canyon and was littered with beautiful stone arches. What was it called?
Arch Canyon. This was a very dangerous location and required a lot of good maneuvering.
This Dug was formerly a slave who had bought his freedom through his incredible podracing skills. What was his name, and what was his homeplanet?
This was Anakin's rival Sebulba who was born in the city of Pixelito on Malastare.
This young Triffian pioloted the "JAK Racing J930 Dash-8." He was able to place 4th in the Boonta Eve Classic. What was his name, and what job did he have back on Triffis which inspired his racing career?
This was Ebe E. Endocott who was none-other than a deliveryman on his homeworld of Triffis. The speed and dangerous shortcuts he took for delivery's honed his skills for podracing.
The podracing announcer, Fodesinbeed Annodue, was a two-headed Troig, and was voiced by comedians Greg Proops and Scott Capurro. Each head spoke a different language...describe what language each head spoke.
Fode, who was the red, smaller head spoke Basic and was voiced by Greg Proops. Beed, who was the green, larger head spoke in Huttese and was voiced by Scott Capurro.
What was the name of the geological formation in Tatooine's Northern Dune Sea where Sebulba destoryed Mawhonic's pod? It had a series of gigantic, top-heavy rocks that rose from the desert wasteland...
This was the famous Mushroom Mesa. Some of the rocks have carvings similar to faces in them, and the Sand People stay away, believing the area to be cursed.
This male Er'Kit was born and raised on Tatooine, and was known to race purely for "the rush" and not money or fame. What was his name, and what model was the podracer he piloted?
It was the young Ody Mandrell who piloted the Exelbrok XL 5115 podracer.
Hosted by the Hutts in Mos Espa's Grand Arena, how often was the Boonta Eve Classic?
This particular podrace happened once a year on the Boonta Eve holiday.
This famous canyon was a large portion of the Boonta Eve Classic race track. Formed by 3 rivers over a millenia ago when the planet still had water, it was known for its famous "Stone Needle"
This was Beggar's Canyon, one of the more famous landmarks on Tatooine. Home of the Krayt Dragons and Womp Rats.
This Phuii was from the planet Phu and owned 2 Rodian slaves who he used as mechanics. After his crash in the podrace, Sebulba auctioned off all of his belongins. What was this pilot's name, and what was the name of his podracer?
It was the loud-mouthed Mars Guo. He piloted the "Collor Pondrat Plug-2 Behemoth" which was destroyed by Sebulba during lap 2 of the Boonta Eve Classic.
This podracer had a particular "crush" on Ann Gella, one of Sebulba's Twi'lek masseuse'. What was this Veknoid's name, and what was the name of his homeplanet.
It was that handsome Teemto Pagalies who hailed from Moonus Mandel.
Orr Agg R'orr, Orr'UrRuuR'R, and UrrOr'RuuR were the three Tusken Raiders who were stationed at "what" place on the Boonta Eve Classic track?
This place was simply named Tusken Turn, due to the frequent attacks by the Tusken Raiders during the various podraces.
Pilot of the "Keizar-Volvec KV9T9-B Wasp" this Nosaurian was actually a top journalist from Podracing Quarterly, and only raced so that he could get the "inside scoop" on the races.
This was Clegg Holdfast, a third-rate pilot whose hard-hide enabled him to walk away from many crashes unscathed.
Which of these was NOT part of the Boonta Eve Track?
- The Whip
- Devil's Doorknob
- Sand Dune Spires
- Starlite Flats
Sand Dune Spires does not exist, and therefore was not part of the track.
The final stretches of canyon before the Hutt Flats were named after their shapes. What were their names?
They were named "Corkscrew" and "Coil"
This section of the race is where Anakin's engines overheated. What was its name, and on what lap did this event occur?
This happened over Jett's Chute on lap 3 of the Boonta Eve Classic.
What year was the Boonta Eve Classic portrayed in the movie?
32 BBY. This was the most famous Podrace in the history of Mos Espa, as it marked the first time a "human" has ever won.
This pilot's racer was known for its 4 engines. What was his name, and what was the model of his racer?
It was Ben Quadrinaros who rented a BT410 to enter in the race.
Despite not finishing the race, this Toong from Tund still was able to rack in 5 million wapiupies from the race. Who was this racer, and why did he receive this large amount of money?
It was none-other than Ben Quadrinaros. Boles Roor, had drunkenly bet 5 million wapiupies that Ben would not enter the race. Ben went out and rented a BT410, and entered the race, winning the money, while never passing the starting line.
The Pouffra Circuit was one of the 'wimpiest' podracing circuits in the Galaxy. Who used his winnings to buy a new podracer and return to race in it?
This was Ben Quadrinaros, the Toong from Tund. After the 5 million wapiupies he received from Boles Roor, he purchased a new podracer and improved his popularity on this "safer" course.
This Toong from Tund received his name in the Star Wars Universe because of his "four-sided" appearance.
Good ol' Ben Quadrinaros was named because of his "square" stature.
Pilot of the "MARK IV Flat-Twin Turbojet." this racer was later shot down by a bounty hunter while racing the Fire Mountain Rally race in Baroonda. What was his name and what species was he?
Aldar Beedo, the Glymphid, who, after his 3rd place win at the Boonta Eve Classic and after the death of Wan Sandage, dropped his mission to kill Sebulba, and went on with other mercenary missions.
This mercenary podracing pilot was from Ploo II and was the 3rd place finisher in the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY.
It was none-other than Aldar Beedo, the Glymphid from Ploo II.
This Aleen from Aleena was small, but had a huge podracer to make up for it. His death during the Boonta Eve Classic would have a massive effect on the sport of podracing. Who was he, and why was his death such an important event?
It was the death of Ratts Tyerell which triggered the established the Ratts Tyerell Foundation. This was founded by Ratts' son Deland Tyerell who campaigned for the sport to be outlawed all over the galaxy. They were successful on many worlds, though several famous podracers spoke out against it, claiming it was an effort by the Republic to crack down on non-human activities
This podracting pilot owned 2 Twi'lek masseuses. What was his name, and the names of his two masseuses?
It was the Dug, Sebulba who owned the Twi'lek sisters. Their names were Ann Gella and Tann Gella, and were of the blue, rutian species of Twi'lek.
Which of the following did Sebulba "not" cause?
-The crash of Mawhonic at Mushroom Mesa
-The torching of Clegg Holdfast's engines
-The crashing of Teemto Pagalies just after Laguna Cave
-The explosion of Mars Guo's podracer
The answer is "The crashing of Teemto Pagalies just after Laguna Cave" Teemto's podracer 'was' destroyed, but this was caused by Orr Agg R'orr.
This steep-sided gorge near Arch Canyon led racers to Jett's Chute on the Boonta Eve Classic course.
It was known as Jag Crag Gorge and was a winding canyon with dangerous outcroppings.
What type of creature was thought to have been inhabiting Laguna Cave during the Boonta Eve Classic?
The infamous Krayt Dragon.
Thousands of years ago, these flats were actually the bed of Lake Anre. This is the section where Sebulba's pod was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker.
This was the final section of the course known as Hutt Flats.
Who consisted of the first row from the starting grid at the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY?
Alder Beedo, Ratts Tyerell, Sebulba and Mawhonic
Who consisted of the second row from the starting grid at the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY?
Dud Bolt, Anakin Skywalker and Clegg Holdfast
Who consisted of the third row from the starting grid at the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY?
Ebe E. Endocott, Gasgano, Boles Roor and Teemto Pagalies
Who consisted of the fourth row from the starting grid at the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY?
Elan Mak, Mars Guo and Ark "Bumpy" Roose
Who consisted of the fifth row from the starting grid at the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY?
Neva Kee, Wan Sandage, Ody Mandrell and Ben Quadrinaros
This podracer is from Ploo IV and is a Fluggrian. What was his name and what did he pilot?
It was Elan Mak (Kam Nale) and he piloted the Kurtob KRT 410-C.
This Sneevel from Sneeve was known to have given a Glimmik Show the night before the podrace. What was his name?
Boles Roor, the Sneevel. He bet Ben Quadrinaros 5 million wupiupi that he was too "chicken" to enter the podrace.
This pilot used a Bin Gassi Racing Engines Quadrijet 4-Barrel 904E. Who was it?
Boles Roor, the Sneevel from Sneeve.
Who were the first 6 place winners in the Boonta Eve Classic 32BBY?
1st: Anakin Skywalker; 2nd: Gasgano; 3rd: Aldar Beedo; 4th: Ebe Endocott; 5th: Elan Mak; 6th: Boles Roor;
This Xamster from Xagobah disappeared after swirving on the Hutt Flats during the second lap of the race. Who was it?
Neva Kee was the racer who disappeared. It is still not known whether he perished in the crash or ended up somewhere in the Dune Sea.
This Nosaurian racer hails from New Plympto. What is his name and what is his primary job aside from racing?
Clegg Holdfast, a journalist from Podracing Quarterly.
What was the droid model who got sucked into Ody Mandrell's pod racer during the pit stop?
DUM-4 was the model and it was a Pit Droid.
Nebulba and Xijulba, both relatives of Sebulba, were made "wanted" and were hunted down by Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett, at the request of this veangeful podracer.
Mawhonic from Hok. After his near-fatal crash caused by Sebulba, the bounty was placed on the Dug's relatives as payback.
The Vinta Harvest Classic was a podrace held shortly after the Boonta Eve Classic. What planet was the VHC held on?
Malastare, home of Sebulba and the Dug species.
Podracer's speeds averaged at:
An astonishing 700-900km/h. Anakin's average speed during the Boonta Eve classic was 858km/h.
This podracer piloted the Plug-F Mammoth.
The massive podracer was piloted by the Dug, Sebulba.
What was the name of the trophy won when achieving 1st place in the Boonta Eve Classic?
The Boonta Cup.
This force-attuned podracer astonished all others when he won the Boonta Eve Classic.
Anakin Skywalker, the first human to EVER win the podrace circuit.
The night of the event was sometimes the target of thieves who were aligned with Lady Valarian who robbed the elderly and mugged people who ventured outdoors. What was the nickname of these robbers?
They were known as the Boonta Eve Bandits.
This famous hero overpowered the Parliament of Moralan. What was his name, and why is it significant to the podrace?
It was Boonta the Hutt, hero to many. The Hutts fought long and hard, and a 3-day epic battle ended in victory, which gave birth to Boonta's Eve (named after the hero who led the battle). This race is to commemorate the bravery of the Hutts.
What were the names of the two Hutts that were in the viewing box during the Boonta Eve Podrace?
Jabba Desilijic Tiure (Jabba the Hutt), and Gardulla the Elder (Gardulla the Hutt).
Who did Watto bet would win the race?
Sebulba, and was FURIOUS when Anakin won.
What was the Xexto vendor selling to the audience at the Podraces?
Gorgs (or long-tailed frogs)for the spectators to munch on.
A brief cameo is made by Warwick Davis who is playing Weazel in the audience. What 2 other roles does he play in, in the Star Wars saga?
He also plays W. Wald (Anakin's young Rodian friend), and Wicket, the famous Ewok on Endor.
Which street vendor does Anakin give most of his podracing winnings to?
He gives them to Jira so that she can buy a new cooling unit to protect her produce from Tatooines humidity.
Who is "not" present at the Podraces?
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-Qui-Gonn Jinn
-Shmi Skywalker
-Kitster Banai
The answer is Obi-Wan....Obi-Wan is actually still with the Queen's Royal Nubian ship.
What type of creature is flicked off a balcony by Jabba during the podrace?
A Nuna, which strangely enought has the same scream as an Astromech Droid